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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Holy crap!

Go Jackets GO!!! Well at least we beat the Ducks...in our little California road trip we managed a shootout win over the league leading Anaheim Ducks, and shutout with the San Jose Sharks, and a 5-3 loss to the LA Kings which was a pretty ridiculous game which I really don't care too much about except for the fact that all of our guys were going down like flies! We had Klesla get driven into the boards by Dustin Brown then when Svitov went after him he got 19 minutes of penalties. Then we had Rick Nash get hit in the face with a puck, and then we had Gilbert Brule get hit with a puck. It was quite tragic. Then with the game in San Jose I don't particularly want to talk about it was our 16th time getting shut out in the season and we set a record. It was so horrible we played harder than them and we worked hard but they got the lucky bounces...I just can't believe it. As far as the game with the Ducks well we have basically rocked them every game we have played them so far this season. It was an amazing way to start our road trip but it all went to crap. Anyway, we are meeting the Chicago Blackhawks for the battle of who's going to end up being worse in the Central Division....I really can't wait til next season...it's our year. Alright I gotta run! Goodnight all.

AND.....with all that's going on in the world of Jordin Tootoo the man that I hate the most in the National Hockey League I am going to stand up for him...if he does get suspended then Mike Modano should also...I do agree that Tootoo shouldn't have hit that guy...but Modano with the stick I do believe that Chris Simon just got 25 games for using his stick as a weapon and that is exactly what Modano did....but will the NHL punish the golden boy...I doubt it....Colin Campbell is a JOKE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Modano for slashing, sure.

Comparing that to Chris Simon is laughable.



Bethany said...

peledog~I never said that Modano should be punished like Simon but Modano WAS using his stick as a weapon...you can't deny that

Jeannie said...

I agree. Both Modano and Tootoo should have suspended. Using your stick as a weapon is completely WRONG no matter how you look at it. That could have easily gotten out of hand just like the Simon incident.