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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

RFA's and UFA's for the CBJ

Restricted Free Agents

  • Alexander Svitov ~ $800,000.00 Center he is a great two-way center. He seems to be a little lazy and hangs out with Zherdev quite a bit. TSN says he "needs to cut down on the number of bad penalties he takes." I would say I would have to agree with that.
  • Jaroslav Balastik ~ $525,000.00 Left/Right Wing he only played 8 games this year but from what I saw I was impressed. TSN has his potential as a third line winger. I would have to agree with that.
  • Joakim Lindstrom ~ $700,000.00 Left/Right Winger needs to put on some weight before he will be successful in the league. Having met the kid...I won't lie he is pretty small but is pretty impressive to watch...he has lots of potential.
  • Curtis Glencross ~ $665,000.00 Left Winger I have a thing for him. Watching him since his days as a Cincinnati Mighty Duck...he continues to progress and improve. He has a lot of potential and hopefully will be up with the Jackets soon.
  • Steven Goertzen ~ $450,0000.00 Right Winger to be honest I haven't seen him as much as I would like to...or maybe I have and I just haven't noticed. Either way, I don't see him making it up to the big league for a permanent job anytime soon.
  • Ole-Kristian Tollefsen ~ $526,000.00 D-man We'd be stupid to get rid of him. Aside from him being one of the nicest players ever...he is also pretty talented. He is a defensive defenseman and is a ton of fun to watch play. He doesn't take crap from anyone and is willing to stick up for his team.
  • Aaron Johnson ~ $450,000.00 D-man great player but he still needs some work to play up in the big leagues. But, I like to think he has a lot of potential.
Unrestricted Free Agents
  • Brian Boucher ~ $475,000.00 Goalie I seriously doubt we will be re-signing him. He was picked up off waivers from the Chicago Blackhawks and although he played decently for us, he's not what we need. Although, I won't lie, I like him a lot better than Leclaire.
  • Derrick Walser ~ $450,000.00 D-man I don't think I can say anything about him...I have never seen him play. Anybody got anything on him?
  • Anders Eriksson ~ $600,000 D-man I have already made my opinion on him pretty clear...we need to re-sign him...he leads our team in +/- and is a great defenseman. It would be a bad decision not to re-sign him...he is cheap...and we need the help on the blue line.
  • Bryan Berard ~ $2,500,000.00 D-man See ya buddy! Has to many injuries, is blind out of an eye...and Hitch doesn't like him. Yeah, you're done.


Sarah said...

Svitov -- Keep. He wasn't worth the #3 pick Tampa used on him, but is developing into a decent third line center who plays with an edge.

Balastik -- Dump. Has a real knack for shootouts, but can't seem to do anything else in the NHL.

Lindstrom -- Keep. Still young, developing.

Glencross -- Keep. Helps out in Syracuse even if he's not ready for full-time NHL duty.

Goertzen -- Don't care. He's a fourth line grinder in the NHL or the AHL. Doesn't hurt to keep him, but he's replaceable.

OKT -- Keep. He's a poor man's Anton Volchenkov, a big surprise this year.

AJ -- Dump. His development seems stalled, don't think he's going to make it in the NHL.

Boucher -- Dump. He was okay as a short-term backup. But if Pascal stays healthy, there's no room for him really, and if Pascal doesn't stay healthy, we need something better than Boucher to replace him.

Walser -- Dump. He didn't suck as horribly in this go-round with the CBJ, and according to fans in the 'Cuse, his attitude is much improved. But I still don't care to ever see him in a CBJ uniform again.

Eriksson -- Dump. His stats were inexplicably good last season, but I never had faith in him. He's an okay fill-in or AHL defenseman, but I really hope not to see him on the Jackets blueline as a regular this season.

Berard -- Dump. His career is over.

KMS2 said...

Geez...with the exception of Nash, Federov, and Foote, does anyone on your team make over a million?

You have a bunch of guys for cheaps.

Bethany said...

Berard the blind defenseman does....ask me why? I don't know....we have others too...but yeah our UFA's and RFA's are cheapos

Gledwood said...

Hi I've been coasting at random thru blogs and ... so much North American sport! This is all a faint mystery to us soccercentric Europeans..!
Just thought I'd say hi while I was passing...
I'm at gledwood2.blogspot - you're welcome to drop by any time. All the best
"vol 2" ...

Drew said...

Blue Jackets earning over $1,000,000 in 2006-07:

- Nash
- Modin
- Fedorov
- Vyborny
- Zherdev
- Klesla
- Foote
- Berard