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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meet Sergei Fedorov!!

Meet Sergei Fedorov, one of our "over-priced" veterans. Fedorov is entering into his third season with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Sergei Fedorov was born on December 13, 1969 in Pskov, Soviet Union. Fedorov spent 1986-1990 playing for CSKA Moscow in Russia; in 169 games with them he had 41 goals and 33 assists and 87 penalty minutes. In the 1989 NHL Entry Draft Fedorov was chosen in round 4 by the Detroit Red Wings 74th overall.
In 1990 he began his NHL career with the Detroit Red Wings. He played 13 season with the Wings. In the 1993-94 season Fedorov won the Hart, Selke, and the Pearson award and also finished second in scoring behind The Great One. In the 1995-1996 season he won the Selke again. Fedorov was on the Red Wings for all three of the Stanley Cups (97,98,&02). In 2003 Fedorov signed with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and played 80 games with them. Then there was the lockout Fedorov did not play. He returned to the Ducks in 2005 only to be traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets...and he has been with us ever since.
A lot of people give the Jackets crap for taking Fedorov's salary and for not buying him out. I won't lie his salary is BIG. But, I for one absolutely love having him on my team. He can play basically any position well. He may not be putting up the big numbers but his presence is worth a lot. Fedorov has played 1128 regular season NHL games tallying 461 goals, 644 assists (1105 points) and 751 penalty minutes. Fedorov has also played in 162 playoff games, and has 50 goals 113 assists (163 points) and 113 penalty minutes.


Steph said...

Bah, Fedorov.


Drew said...

I'm curious as to your use of quotes around the adjective: Over-priced.

It's hard to argue that $6+ million should net a little more.

I say: Bring on the buy-out.

Bitchany said...

Steph: Come on those 13 seasons and 3 Stanley Cups weren't enough for ya?

Drew: Yeah, I don't like saying that...so I put the quotes. I really like Fedorov but I'm sure the buy-out is coming :(

Sarah said...

I don't really see what buying out Fedorov at this point would achieve for the Jackets. He's on the last year of his deal.

If they bought him out, it would be $4 million, and the cap hit for that would be spread across this season and next. If the Jackets were bumping up against the cap, it would make some sense, but they're not. The main financial obstacle to getting expensive FAs this summer is the ownership not wanting to overspend as they've done in the past, and wanting to keep a tighter grip on the pursestrings. So saving $2 million by buying out Fedorov doesn't make enough difference in the grand scheme of things that it would allow the CBJ to seriously go after Briere or Gomez or someone like that.

And although he is contributing nowhere near $6 million worth, I don't think Fedorov is so bad that it would be an addition by subtraction type situation. He still has excellent hockey sense, probably the best on the team, and is a good two-way player.

It's also not as if Fedorov being on the team is preventing some prospect from getting needed ice time. We saw Brule struggle last year when pencilled in at #2 center...I don't think we want a repeat of that with Brassard.

Buying out Fedorov just leaves another hole to fill (#1 and #2 center). I'd say it's better to hold onto him, see what he can contribute this season. If the Jackets aren't in playoff contention at the deadline, he's likely to have some team wanting to take a chance on him as a rental, so the Jackets could at least get a pick back.

Steph said...

They were plenty enough.

But then he had to go and be a big jerk!

Bitchany said...

Sarah, I agree with you completely. We all know he is going to retire after this season, and my guess, is he is not going to go out with an awful season...he'll make the best of it that's just type of guy he is.

Stephy, don't be so angry, let it go haha. :P

Sarah said...

Per this morning's Dispatch, neither Foote nor Feds will be bought out.