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Friday, June 29, 2007

CBJ Needs...

So, Adam Proteau at The Hockey News made a list of all the teams and what they have, need and some potential UFA's for us. Since the only team I really care about is the Jackets, here's what he says:

Blue Jackets

Got ‘em: young offensive talent;
second-and third-unit defensemen

Need ‘em: playmaking centers;
first-unit blueliners, physical forwards

Potential Free Agent
Mathieu Schneider (DET), Jozef Stumpel (FLA), Adam Mair (BUF),
Michael Nylander (NYR)

Now, we all know we need playmaking centers, Brule was a dud and he knows at least he is going to try and be better. We also know we need blueliners desperately. The physical forwards thing? Uhm...I dunno...yeah we do we need guys who aren't afraid to go in the corners and fight or scared to take a hit. Potential Free Agents Schneider...I know he would be perfect for us...BUT, I seriously doubt he will sign with someone in the same division. Stumpel, I honestly don't know a lot about him since he plays in Florida. Nylander I would love to have, but I am sure he will be back with the Rangers come October. Mair, I don't know if it's my hatred of B-lo or what, but I don't like Mair...like at all...thoughts from anyone?

Adam Mair was resigned to the Sabres. Stumpel was also resigned by the Panthers. Good times.


Drew said...

Schneider...I know he would be perfect for us...BUT, I seriously doubt he will sign with someone in the same division.

If he weren't a UFA, I'd say the Wings would do what they could to not trade him within the division, but why would Schneider care what division he plays in? Just curious.

Bitchany said...

Fedorov, when does that guy not hear boo's from Wings fans? I just don't think it's something he will do if he can avoid it...it's just my opinion.

Steph said...

Ummmmmm, Bethany.

If you take Schneider our friendship might have some problems.

(As to the Fedorov thing though, that had everything to do with the way he left - which is nothing like the way Schneider, who's even said he'd take a hometown discount (the problem with that is he could command way more on the free market than we'd offer in the first place, even without the discount) to stay. So I wouldn't think that would hamper his wanting to go to you guys so much, but who knows.)

Teebz said...

I wrote a full report on the Jackets earlier today, Bethany. Check it out if you want. I went into details.

Stumpel re-signed with Florida, Mair is a 4th-line centreman at best, and Nylander is staying put.

As for Schneider, you already have one defenseman eating up a pile of salary in Foote. If you sign Schneider, you have very little wiggle room, and that's no good under a salary cap.

Bitchany said...

Steph, you cant be mad at ME if he signs here...which I still doubt no matter what you guys say.

Teebz, I will check it out tomorrow, but we have 16 guys signed for the 07-08 season and salary cap hit is 34.428 with the cap going up to 50.3 I think we have a little bit of room to address one if not 2 our needs.

The Puck Stops Here said...

This is how Doug MacLean built the Blue jackets. Taregt second rate free agents that will be overpaid and take minutes from the younger players who need to improve. It didn't work did it?

Go with the young players. Let them play. Let them develop. target players you can get on the cheap who are willing to play whatever role needed. Schneider and Stumpel and Nylander are just new words for Foote, Sanderson and Fedorov.

Bitchany said...

TPSH, no it didn't work. I agree that we need to go with the younger players and allow them to develop but we still need a top line center, Feds can't do it, and Brule really hasn't developed...yet. Our blue line needs one catalyst that isn't Foote...to kind of help these young kids develop.

TonyH said...

It looks like Schneider of the Red Wings is playing hardball. Schneider lives on the west coast so I think he will head out in that direction. I hope the Blue Jacket do well this draft and during free agency. I have always enjoyed the Wings / Blue Jackets games.

Bitchany said...

Yeah, I don't think he'll sign with us...I am thinking the Kings...but I could be way off. I hope we did well also...only time will tell but I have faith in Mr. Howson. And, I tend to like the Wings/Jackets games also.