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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I am sorry

Since I have been sick I haven't been posting at all and soooo much has happened with the Blue Jackets...I can't believe it...but before I get to that I'm going to be watching the Ducks vs LA game. These games always prove to be pretty good so I am assuming this one won't be any different. But, I will be live blogging so check back for updates throughout the game and I will go by the game clock so there ya go....
First Period
00:00 Here we go!!
2:16 Mike Cammalleri scored Kings 1 Ducks 0
2:57 Travis Moen scores Kings 1 Ducks 1
4:22 Dustin Penner scores Kings 2 Ducks 2
This is becoming quite the scoring fest it's the game. Sean Burke got pulled...4 shots on goal...3 goals...
Ducks go on the powerplay first...Dustin Brown went off at 5:08 for Hooking
6:35 Now Anaheim was called for Too Many Men on the Ice
7:23 Mike Cammalleri scores on the powerplay Kings 2 Ducks 2
Brown had quite the hit on McDonald...who oddly enough had a fight in his last game against Chicago
The hits keep getting harder and hjavascript:void(0)arder...
Haha all of the California teams have a Thornton that's kind of funny
15:17 Rob Niedermayer got 2 minutes for holding Rob Blake
18:25 Ducks are going on the powerplay Lundmark got called for Hooking
And the Ducks aren't doing a whole lot with their powerplay....Corey Perry almost had a fight
That was about it for the first period...no fights a lot of hits and a lot of scoring and there were quite a few penalties called...
Second Period
1:13 Teemu Selanne scores Ducks 3 Kings 2
5:53 Ric Jackman got a penalty for holding Kings on the powerplay
Now this game is needing to get some rythym...
Tempers are starting to show as Patrick O'Sullivan gets knocked down to the ice.
9:20 I'm still here not a whole lot is going on...sheesh...and I have been up and down getting things for my now sick mother...
10:36 Teemu Selanne gets a penalty shot...and he was stopped by Garon...sad
16:29 Travis Moen is getting a penalty now so the Kings will be on the powerplay he went off for boarding.
17:33 Rob Blake scores on the powerplay Kings 3 Ducks 3
19:05 Patrick O'Sullivan just got another goal Kings 4 Ducks 3 and the Kings have all of the momentum
19:42 Modry got a delay of penalty so maybe the Ducks will be able to work with this...
Selanne and Brown got in a fight well that was unexpected I can't stand Dustin Brown due to his hit on Klesla last night...and that will do it for this period...quite the period had a little bit of everything...scoring fights...hits...everything.
Third Period
0:44 Kings Score a short handed goal this is kind of sad...Ducks need to step it up...Kings 5 Ducks 3
Ivanans just had an amazing shot....but he missed...so close...then he ate his sweater?!
Moen and Pahlsson and 2 of the Kings players got into a bit of a fight not sure how the penalties are going to go yet they went to commercial...
7:00 Cammalleri got 2 minutes for Cross Checking and Moen got 2 minutes for roughing...
12:20 This is getting pathetic....the Ducks need this win...time to step it up.
16:00 Willsie took a hooking penalty Anaheim is on the powerplay and Giguere is on the bench...
And it looks like the Kings haave won it...
My three stars...
That's all for the liveblog...hope you all enjoyed it!

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