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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Vyborny Wants to Stay

And, Jackets Fans rejoice...well at least this Blue Jackets Fan does. The Dispatch reported today that David Vyborny had a change of heart and would like a long term deal.

"I've talked to David and I've talked to his agent, Rich Winter," general manager Scott Howson said. "David has expressed an interest in staying in Columbus for the long term.That was nice to hear."

"I told Rick that we're going to get through the first part of the year, then have a discussion," Howson said. "I have to get to know the players better before I start thinking long term with the veterans."
I am glad Howson is going to wait until he sees what Vyborny can do. But, if and when Vyborny signs a long term contract I think he will be our next Captain. I am so excited about this. David Vyborny has spent his entire NHL with Columbus and has played 477 games with 106 goals and 185 assists (291 points) and 194 penalty minutes. His agent, Rich Winter had this to say:
"David has made a decision that he'd like to stay in Columbus as long as the Blue Jackets would like to have him," Winter said.
And when asked how long he wanted to stay...
"At least one year, and no more than 10," Winter joked.

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