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Friday, May 11, 2007


I will be liveblogging tonight...and I hope for my sake that the Ducks win because if they don't...I have to deal with Dave and Derrick...and quite frankly that's just not something I want to do! GO DUCKS


20:00 Here we go Western Conference Final...Ducks and Wings!! Let's go Ducks!

18:45 Both teams are having long shifts and matching line for line.

18:30 Pronger just had a great shot on goal.

17:15 Pronger is getting boo'd...get over it.

16:24 Anaheim takes the first penalty Joe Dipenta for holding.

16:16 Zetterberg scores because of a face off win and then goes off the shin of Beauchemin.

15:56 Teemu just got another stick to the face.

14:57 Franzen got 2 minutes I believe for holding.

14:32 Draper got 2 minutes for holding. Ducks have a LONG 5 on 3.

12:31 Wings are able to kill off both penalties.

Perry crashed into the net, right before commercial.

I really wish the announcers could say Beauchemin...not BeaucheMAN ugh.

9:30 Wings keep turning the puck over at the blue line.

9:26 Draper Interference Huskins Holding get some 4 on 4 hockey going.

7:26 Both teams back to full strength

Oh gosh Messier is going to be the special guest...I will not be watching the Intermission Show...it's for my sanity.

5:24 WOW Holmstrom just had a great shot and Giggy but Giggy got it...what a save...

3:27 They are making fun of Hasek...and the time thing is messed up for VS so I don't know how accurate my times are.

2:30 I love the fact that Giggy has straws on his bottles...it's so adorable to watch him take a drink...

1:39 Samuelsson took a penalty for a cross-check after a HUGE scrum in the net. Involving Hasek...gotta love it.

00:00 End of Period 1...I'l be back for Period 2. Shots on goal 10 Ducks 5 Wings



18:10 I ran away from Messier and missed a bit but the score is the same...so I didn't miss much.

14:34 Zetterberg for Tripping naughty naughty.

So Perry was wearing the Mic and he said hey Datsyuk you're gonna get it...then they made a reference to Slapshot...it was great.

10:38 Still same score...nothing too exciting going on.

7:14 Travis Moen for interference and right off the faceoff Detroit had another chance.

2:53 Shawn Thornton and Markov from Detroit got into a fight 5 minutes each.

1:48 Chelios and Perry collided at the blueline but before that Perry took a stick to the face from Hasek...ass.

00:00 Scrum during the last 2 seconds of the game. I am not sure if there are any penalties. Again, not listening to Messier...so I will be back for the third. Shots on goal 18 Anaheim 10 Detroit

ANAHEIM 0 Detroit 1


**I'm expecting a very gritty third period**

18:25 Kunitz SCORES!!! What a beauty.


15:49 4 on 4 hockey...Niedermayer and they never said who for Detroit

15:14 Anaheim going on the powerplay Cleary is going off for tripping 4 on 3 for over a minute

13:46 McDonald is going off for holding the stick.

5:42 Ducks were just peppering Hasek with shots....the game is going back and fourth.

5:27 Getzlaf took a slashing penalty.

4:54 Lidstrom scores...


3:19 Lang goes off for Hooking.

55 seconds to go Ducks take a timeout...

13.4 seconds left Zetterberg takes a penalty. Detroit calls timeout.

00:00 Wings win.



Mike said...

I'm going to go ahead and root for the Red Wings here. Which means I just jinxed them and f'ing Pronger will score off Hasek's mask...damn it all.

Bethany said...

Mike...your jinx failed :( And, really who is worse Hasek or Pronger? I'm gonna go with Hasek here...I mean honestly...

Steph said...

Didn't Penner even call him Pavel? I cracked up at that and the Slapshot reference - for some reason we get the best little mic'd up segments, they always involve someone taunting someone else.

And don't worry, the jinx might be working fine, the power of my red eyeliner is just stronger :)