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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sharks and Preds liveblog


Well that is....if the Sabres and Islanders game would get over. I'm listening to NHL radio to make sure I miss nothing haha...so no worries people!!

Uh I can hardly hear the announcer...this is gonna be brutal...please VS put on the Sharks game...:(

They are announcing the starting line ups...come on freaking Sabres...get off of my tv!!!


Uhm...so apparently a few seconds in there was an icing call...against the Preds...I'm sorry guys this is gonna get rough...if it continues to go like this. People are getting boo'd but I dunno who.

Stick save made by Vokoun by the way the announcers said it...it was a doozy...and apparently the Isles game is over...so now hopefully the Sharks game will show up after these darn commercials.

Cheech had a good chance? I wouldn't know...still nothing on my tv DAMN YOU VERSUS DAMN YOU!!!

Offsides against the Sharks...and apparently McGoo made a bad non call. My mom is listening to 4 minutes of Sexy

15:47 THE GAME IS ON!!!

15:30 Bernier is in the line up and Radulov is suspended! I love that lil Bernier guy. This is going to be such a great game. I love Ronnie Wilson.

14:41 Tootoo just took a big hit...could thing...someone needs to do it...Nabby is making some great saves...and Patty is taking it back up. Ouch....what a bunch of hits. Toots is on a line with Kariya and Legwand what the HELL!?!

13:30 Commercial break I need a snack...GO SHARKS GO!

12:43 Sharks checking line is out against Foppa...interesting...very interesting...at least it's not with Tootoo.


**So I just got my Hockey News and on the back it says Sidney Crosby bandwagon seats still available...I freakin hate Crosby**

8:54 Radulov is there...I hate the suspension for him...he's a good player. And, not dirty. AND THIS COMING FROM A NASHVILLE HATER!

8:07 And, Preds get on the board first...Suter shot it.

6:22 Vokoun is nuts he left the net...and I lost him.


Fiddler took a penalty for tripping.

4:41 Sharks are having chance after chance.

4:34 Nichol sent it over the glass...should have been a penalty...oh well.

2:57 Preds were able to kill off the penalty...come on sharks.

2:44 Suter just got called for holding. I love him.

1:54 Come on boys...you are better than this...didn't you have one of the best power play units in the regular season?! SCORE...Please...

Uhm....I have no picture on my tv...where did it go? I am sad.


I'm showing my friend Rebecca a video...it's exciting maybe I will post it.

There is the video...watch it and love it.


18:34 Sharks are only down by 1...so hopefully they can tie it up soon. Whoa Vokoun save after save.

17:01 FOPPA THREW A PUNCH AT GRIER!!! WAHOO!!! Forsberg got a penalty for roughing and it's 4 on 4 hockey but the NHL website hasn't put up the Grier penalty.

14:54 Slashing for Suter...why they gotta pick on him. I heart him.

13:50 Come on Sharks power play get it going!!!

**Well Sharks have got nothing going...this is getting depressing**

12:23 I heart Ron Wilson...he is so good. Nothing compared to Hitch...but you know. They are booing Hartnell whoa Grier is a speedy guy.

11:22 SHARKS SCORE THAT IS IT BOYS!!!! Craig Rivet...I LOVE YOU! Uh Rivet didn't score it...it was...MICHALEK...interesting.

10:07 Sharks got some momentum...I love Joe Thornton that is.

Someone from Nashville took a penalty but I don't know who because I got distracted. It was Kariya for slashing the second one of the night.

9:00 Preds got a short handed chance but Nabby made the save! GO NABBY!!

7:42 Clowe just scored!! 2-1 SHARKS!!

6:17 Timonen just took a penalty for holding. It was a 'good' penalty according to VS. This is the 5th power play for Sharks. They have yet to capitalize.

5:36 FIVE ON THREE FOR 1:19 GO SHARKS GO Smithson went off for cross checking!!

4:13 Preds were able to kill off the 5 on 3 so come on Sharks...you need a comfort goal...well I do...

3:00 Please Sharks...I need a goal...Vokoun is playing amazing.

1:46 Forsberg goes off for cross checking on Thornton...Foppa is an angry elf tonight....but I lied he didn't get the penalty it was a Sharks player so Preds are on the power play apparently it was Marleau for cross checking...guess I missed it.

00:00 2-1 SHARKS!!!!


I have a feeling this next period is going to be a dirty one...Foppa is pissed we got bodies flying everywhere...and well...yeah...


20:00 Let's get it going boys!

17:44 The Sharks fans make me laigh.

16:48 Nabby made a great save

I love Mic'd Up!!!

Tootoo made a mistake...surprise surprise.

14:25 I love Cheech and Joe...they make me happy.

Nashville is going on the power play.

13:59 Michalek took a goalie interference penalty naughty naughty...

12:45 Sharkies kill it off. And, I hate McLarens freakin visor...it's obnoxious.

11:30 GO SHARKS GO!!

7:05 Oh gosh Preds are getting all the momentum...this is worrying me a bit.

4:26 BILL GUERIN!! WOOOO 3-1 SHARKS....it's in the bag! GO SHARKS GO! So kidding...it was Patty's go...but nice move Billy.

2:34 Michalek or however you spell it just took a high stick.


Final score of 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATS SHARKS!!!!!!!!!! Good clean game boys!!1

Sharks are up in their series now 2-1.

**Some random notes**
1. Radulov will be back for Game 4
2. Devils lost tonight so Tampa Bay is up 2-1 in the series
3. Sabres won so they are up in the series 2-1.
4. Only ONE of the teams I want to win went up in their series darn it!!

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