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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So I get home from work just in enough time to liveblog the game and what do I see...my MOTHER sitting on the couch watching Lost. So until she gets done....I'm stuck.


16:35 Alright I'm actually on the game...

16:31 SHARKS SCORE!!! Michalek scored from Joe Thornton.

16:03 Clowe is going to the sin bin for hooking...naughty naughty Ryan naughty naughty

15:28 Great save by Nabby! Dude that was like multiple saves...good job

14:27 Sharks penalty kill is looking great especially Nabby...and the Nashville power play is looking pretty good also.

12:56 Tons of big hits in this game...looking great.

**Radulov is back after a one game suspension**

8:16 These two teams are just so good.

8:01 Nashville just took a goal tender interference penalty...well I don't know who took it they are freakin talkin to GM Wilson....oh it was to Hartnell.

7:03 GO SHARKS GO!!!

5:41 Well....Nabby is amazing but the Preds were able to kill of the penalty.

3:44 Billy Guerin hit Nabby and got him all out of position but Preds were NOT able to capitalize.

3:25 FOPPA is out and got knocked down by big Joe.

1:25 Kariya is just getting chance after chance and Nabby keeps stoning him.

19.6 seconds.....well Sharks are up...yay!!!

00:00 END Sharks going off with a 1-0 lead....YEAH!


18:54 Pavelski SCORES Sharks 2 Preds 0 YEAH!! *earlier in the game he hit the post*

17:28 Jason Arnott scores...I like him...it's ok. Sharks 2 Preds 1

16:14 Forsberg just delivered a brutal elbow to Cheechoo 2 minutes...naughty naughty.

11:37 Power play can't get anything going...not much is going on in this game...come on SOMEBODY SCORE!!!

Due to the fact that I have ADD I am done liveblogging sorry.


Jordi said...

I was listening into that in the library. I was the only one breathing super loud and squealing at every moment :(

Michael said...

Bethany...love the play-by-play! See ya' at the "cube".