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Friday, April 13, 2007

Liveblogging Sharks and Preds

Let's go Sharks!!
PREGAME: Freakin announcer guys drive me nuts!!
I still love playoff hockey and really these 2 teams are great...and it sucks that one of the teams have to go. And, it really is a shame that it will be the Preds...haha. I am really excited to seee what the Sharks do to Hartnell with what happened to Cheech. But, apparently he skated today so maybe he will be back?? Vince and Amy singing the National Anthem...thats sweet...CHEECH IS BACK!!!!!


19:22 Goc just took a BIG hit. I think I felt it. Guerin and Fiddler were jabbin everybody and they got 2 minutes for unsportsman like conduct.

18:18 Sharks had too many men on the ice...good job guys gosh. Refs will make me angry...it's a 4 on 3

16:15 These announcers are pissing me off...talking about washer and dryers.

15:48 Cheechoo had a shift...I am happy. I don't understand why they don't have Mason in. Silly Trotz.

15:23 Sharks scored...go RIVET!!

13:06 Radulov scored...that kid has some crazy celebrations. His third goal of the post season.

11:57 Jason Arnott 2minutes for high sticking.

9:07 Ryane Clowe 2 minutes for boarding...he feels shame

8:31 Scott Hartnell 2 minutes for tripping

6:33 WOW these teams are amazing at the penalty killing and Cheechoo looks good out there...I was worried.

4:04 FOPPA SCORED!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm cheering for the Sharks but that was a sweet goal. What a hockey player.

2:38 Hear those fans? Poor Nabby you are doing great buddy!

1:01 Radulov and Rivet were going at it. Foppa got hit and is going to the box oh gosh the announcers are angry!! We will wait for the penalty call. Guerin was mad...oh gosh. Trotz is pissed. Everyone is angry. The fans are cheering refs you suck. I guess I will wait to see what the NHL thing says they called. Ok I got it. Guerin for Interference. Rivet Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Forsberg and Hartnell both for diving. They just changed Hartnell's to an unsportsmanlike conduct.

00:00 WOW what a scrum at the end. I really don't like Ehrhoff or however you spell his name.


Fiddler said everyone is fighting for position. The key is to get behind the d-men. Good call Vernie good call. HAHA he called Forsberg Foppa...I love it. Forsberg has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Sorry...I had to say it.

Wow, San Jose outshot Nashville 12 - 5 and no penalties were called at the end of the first.


16:47 Vokoun is making some crazy saves...but I still wish Mason was in.

15:16 Bernier is down...I hope he is ok...Radulov hit him pretty good. They are getting the stretcher out. I really hope he's alright. They aren't using the stretcher Joe and somebody else are helpin him off. This is going to be a brutal period. I think Radulov kind of hit from behind. And Radulov got 5 minutes from hitting from behind and a game misconduct. He deserves it. You don't like seeing players get hurt.

**Learned something new...with majors if they score...the man stays in the box...didn't know that**

12:51 I think there will be a scrum after every whistle. And Tootoo is serving the penalty...cuz well he's used to being in there.

11:14 Guerin is getting a little frisky with Legwand. And, Ryan Suter goes to the box for roughing. And, it will be 1:01 of a 5 on 3. Personally I didn't see Suter do anything...but maybe thats because I have a crush on him.

9:34 Dumont scored! That was a beautiful goal. Maybe they should put in Vesa...I dunno.

9:00 Ryan Suter was just hit from behind and they go to a tv time out perfect...i'm gonna get a snack. Now Nashville is on a 5 on 3. Goc got cross checking and Clowe got roughing!

7:03 Dumont scored on the 5 on 3....with a wide open net. (Predators 4 goals on 9 shots.)

5:26 Now, Foppa goes to box and he will feel shame...for hooking...shame shame...

00:00 Grier and Weber got into it...what a second period. Now hurry up and finish this game...so I can watch the Ducks!!

**The Yankee Canuck is liveblogging the Canucks and Stars game...so check him out**


20:00 Alright so to start off the third period Grier and Weber each are taking roughing penalties. So I checked the NHL thingy and they took away the penalty to Weber...and Sharks were able to kill off their penalty.

16:59 Bill Guerin got 2 minutes for hooking.

12:57 I am getting frustrated...freakin Sharks you are better than them!!!!!!

12:21 Nabby slashed Kariya and now boys are starting to get angry. Oh sheesh.

10:08 Clowe just scored 4-2 Preds...come on SHARKS!!!

Uhm...apparently I missed something...Preds are on the powerplay. Clowe went off for tripping...good times.

And, Forsberg really does show up in the playoffs. And, Nabby just made a great poke check save...I love those.

2:32 I am getting sad....come on Sharks :(

Well there was a huge fight Hartnell took on Grier...uhm...Tootoo took on Clowe...and Smithson fell on someone. And the game is still not over. They are still trying to sort out penalties. Trotz is lookin annoyed...I think there is like 32 seconds left.

Sp apparently I was wrong 59.3 seconds left. Nashville is going to end on the powerplay. Goodness what a game.

The series is now even 1-1.

Congrats Preds...I hate you.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Nice job you're doing too! Shouldn't you be angry too? Maybe I DO have anger issues! No, that can't be...you're too calm!

Go Sharks! (If they can come back, so can Vancouver!)