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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I try so hard...

I try really hard to be supportive of my boys and ya know what...it's time to call them out. The past 2 games Norrena has stood on his head for these guys. And, well we just haven't gotten the offense. The goalies job is to give the other players a chance to win. There is no reason why we can't score 3 or 4 goals in a night. People need to stand up and it's like Hitch always says "Our best players need to be our best players" and quite frankly they haven't done it. Vyborny, Nash, Modin, and Fedorov need to step it up. I don't have such a problem with Fedorov because to be honest he is playing really well. Last night against Dallas he was hitting, getting rough with guys, and was taking some hits. Then tonight against Nashville he was playing on the blue line...and he did an amazing job. But, Nash, and Vyborny need to step it up. Modin...from what the announcers have told us has been injured and playing on a hurt food or ankle or something. Anyway, I'm just really disappointed in my team...but I still love them. And, just to be clear...I am in NO WAY talking smack about the goalie, Fredrik Norrena!

And, some idiot wore a Leafs jersey to the game...a Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets game...way to be skill.

AND, look at this video...there is a quote that Tootoo says he's not a dirty player...what a joke.

1 comment:

Jeannie said...

I agree...I love the Jackets...but some of these guys need to step it up or step it out!