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Sunday, February 25, 2007

So close yet so far..

So Ken Hitchcock coached his 800th NHL game tonight. I just can’t even express how happy I am to have this man as the Blue Jackets coach. Next year is our year I’m just sure of it. The first period Adam Foote and Jordin Tootoo had a bit of a tussle. But, Foote being a very large and strong man was able to simply pin Tootoo against the boards. Nashville ended up getting a goal on the power play. Paul Kariya scored on the power play. Ty Conklin is in net for the Jackets. Everyone is pretty aware that I love Ty Conklin. He is a good goal tender and I think he deserves to stay up. Anyway, Foote took another penalty a roughing penalty…but I’m pretty sure that Erat just kind of fell and Foote didn’t do anything. I like what Adam Foote said during the intermission interview…he said Nashville likes to win games in the first 10 minutes of a game, that’s totally true. I have seen these guys play I can’t even tell you how many times and they like making an impression. But then Foote said, “We played better than they did in the first period, and they had more power play opportunities.” I’m so happy he’s our captain…what would I do without him. Marc Methot is playing his first NHL game. He seems to be doing a pretty good job…and he’s a cute little guy. I am hoping the reason he is up is because Berard will be out.

Going into the second period we were down 1-0. But entering the second we were on a power play. We ended up scoring a power play goal to make it 1-1. Modin got the goal. Dumont got the go ahead goal about a minute after we scored the tiebreaker. Let’s hope that Columbus gets things back on track. Well Fiddler just made it 3-1. I think Johnson is having a bad night because both of these goals can be blamed on him…well I don’t want to say blamed but he could have cleared the zone. Nash really is becoming a great two-way player. Last night he got his first short-handed goal, which is pretty impressive. Dan Fritsche got hurt he has a lacerated wrist they didn’t announce the severity of it but he won’t be back for the rest of the game.

Going into this period we are 3-1…lets hope the Jackets can get something going. And we got a goal from an unlikely source. Shelley got his first goal of the season!! I’m so proud. Our rough and tough guy got it. Lets just hope we can get another one. Tootoo just hit the crap out of Zherdev. I hate Tootoo he pisses me off every single time he steps out on the ice. He is such a dirty player and he claims he’s not. I would love to know where he heard that one. Let’s hope the Jackets can get this going and beat the Preds because it’s something we have yet to do. And Hainsey ties it up it’s now 3 all. It’s starting to look up for the Jackets. We really are a good hockey team. I love these guys…I know our playoff hopes are shot but we still are playing pretty well. I just hope that we can get a regulation win against these Preds. Brule had a great shot on goal heading down right at the net. Raced down even got tripped up a bit and took a shot when he was mid air.

And we are heading into over time. We do pretty well on 4-4 I think. So let’s see how we do. Well we out played them pretty much the entire game and that didn’t change during over time. It was still tied so we’re going into a shootout. I hate shootouts…they make me so nervous. I hope Conks stays with it. Well we lost in a shootout and I am sad. We deserved the win…and I’m not just saying that. Oh and random fact Tootoo took a number at the end of the game. How funny is that?! What a punk.

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