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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Zherdev a centre?!

Apparently, Hitch has decided to move Zherdev to the top line where he will centre Nash and Vyborny. At least for a little bit. Intereseting move by Hitch but I think it's a move to show Zherdev that we want him to succeed to tell him that this is a new chance for him. A new start. Hitch has a way of molding people and gosh darn it he is going to try it with Zherdev.

"My focus is to be successful offensively, your best players have to have the puck more," Hitchcock said. "This is an opportunity for him to have the puck more. Regardless of who plays centre ice, whether it's Vyborny or him or whatever, or if we decide to go with (Sergei) Fedorov or (Michael) Peca there, we want people to play together that are creative."
Training camp opens tomorrow without Alexandre Picard and Zenon Konopka. And, the pre-season begins on Sunday playing the Nashville Predators.

1 comment:

Shmee said...

Haha, I love your mid-Western sensibility! Gosh darn!