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Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm back.

After taking a long long break from my blog I am back and very excited for this season. While I had every intention of posting a Preview for the Blue Jackets but things with my family and friends came first. Things are beginning to calm down...which is always a good thing. I should start posting normal posts tomorrow but for now...I will just throw out some links.
Sarah at Neutral Zone Trap has her preview for the Jackets.
And Drew at End of the Bench has his Jackets preview.
Today is Detroit Red Wings bloggers day...so here are their links...
Abel to Yzerman's preview.
George has his preview at Kukla's.
Christy at Behind the Jersey has hers.
Gorilla Crouch has his.
Gloveside has the preview up also.
Enjoy the reading...and I will be posting on a daily basis again beginning tomorrow.

On a totally random note...you should check out this picture it's quite trippy!!


Heather B. said...

I saw that picture somewhere else today and it toally freaks me out. Eek!

Shmee said...

Hurrah, we missed you!

Kirsten said...

Yay, you're back!

So I learned today that Rick Nash is 6'4". I'm now joining the fight for him.

Bitchany said...

Heather B yeah it was on Kukla's and it creeped me out!!
Shmee I missed you too!!
Kirsten! Yeah he's huge...and uhm...I think I win the fight considering I saw him in a towel!! Haha but bring it I'm willing to fight for my Ricky!!!!!!

Kirsten said...

How did you manage to see him in a towel?

Bitchany said...

haha...I have my ways...I was in the locker room with a press pass...it was pretty amazing!!

Kirsten said...

Note to self: get a press pass.
Also, how did you embed the youtube link in the Chelios post?