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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mark Bell will serve time...

Thanks to Kukla...for pointing this out to everybody. Mark Bell plead guilty to drunk driving causing injury and hit and run. He will be serving time.

The Leaf forward, picked up in the Vesa Toskala trade with San Jose in June, will be sentenced to six months in a Santa Clara ,California county jail to be served at the end of this upcoming season.

Official sentencing will be in October.

The charges stem from an incident in San Jose on Labour Day last year when Bell's vehicle rear-ended a pickup truck in the early morning hours, leaving the driver of the truck with head injuries.

UPDATE: Found this on facebook...it made me giggle.
wrote 27 minutes ago
HES not gunna get jail time just like gordon bombay Mark bell will be coaching a pee wee hockey team lol

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