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Friday, July 6, 2007

News, News, and More News

  • Apparently Jan Hejda will be one of our top 4 defenseman...and will be paired up with Adam Foote or Rusty Klesla. Hejda apparently plays a pretty physical game so him with Foote would be kind of scary and would probably result in check after check...niiiiiiice.
  • Anders Eriksson signed with the Calgary Flames...I'm still kind of upset.
  • Billy Guerin and Mike Comrie have signed with the New York Islanders.
  • AND, finally, Hasek re-signed with the Detroit Red Wings...and I get to see him EIGHT times a year...


uni said...

I'd have to think Hejda is an improvement over an indifferent Ericksson who has declining production.

Hejda is big, physical, skates well, and he's positionally sound. You don't notice him much which is good, and he's good for 25 points one would suspect. Good on Howson. Damn I miss both of them already.

Bitchany said...

Uni...thanks for that...I was really indifferent about Hejda...because well he hasn't really played a full season in the big leagues...but I am really happy with what you said. I was really attached to Eriksson so I hope you are right about Hejda.