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Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Team...

I love my team. I really really do. This is something that has started becoming more and more clear to me every single day of this off season. I look at what some teams are doing or have done and I'm like ya know I'm glad I don't have to worry about that. Take Edmonton for example it started with trading Smyth, then trading the other Smith and Lupul, and now they are trying to take other teams players. I don't have to worry about spending too much on Free Agents (sorry Rangers fans) and I don't have to worry about paying Briere $10 million next year. My team has had three signings, not big names, not outrageous contracts, and at the draft we got some serious talent. With our signings we got Sheldon Brookbank, the AHL's best defenseman, Jan Hejda, who according to some guy in Edmonton If they signed Jan Hejda for $1 million, it might be the smartest free-agent signing of the summer so far. and with comments I have received, and blogs I have read Hejda will be great for the CBJ. We also signed Jiri Novotny, a center from the Czech Republic who has a lot of potential. (In case you're wondering we signed 2 Czech's and our first round draft pick is Czech). I have to say I am liking the new look of these Blue Jackets. As the season becomes closer and closer the more excited I get. I don't expect my boys to win the division but I do know that we will do better than we did last year. A full season with Hitch, a new General Manager who has been wonderful, and a few new key players to add to our line up. Anyway, the future is looking bright for the Blue Jackets...thanks to Mr. Howson, and Hitch.


Isleschick said...

I wish I felt so confident in my team! Hope the Blue Jackets fans are finally rewarded for being so loyal.

Bitchany said...

You should have confidence in your team...you just signed Billy Guerin AND Mike Comrie! You guys will do great I am sure. :)