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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's the off season.

I really am trying to post something everyday but it gets difficult. I have a bazillion ideas of stuff to write about but I haven't taken the time to sit and actually write them. Anyway, one of my HLOG sisters, Tracy posted a survey so I figured oh what the hell...might as well do it. So here we go.

What’s your favorite team? - Columbus Blue Jackets stole my heart.

What’s you least favorite team? – Nashville Predators or the Toronto Maple Leafs depending on the day.


Who’s your favorite player? Oh wow, I'm going to have to say, that I absolutely adore Adam Foote. I love his style, and love how he plays, and even with that quote I can't stop loving him.

Who’s your least favorite player? Jordin Tootoo...do I really need to explain why?


Favorite American team? - Columbus Blue Jackets

Favorite Canadian team? Montreal Canadienz

Favorite International team? Team Canada or Finland.


Who’s your favorite goalie? Martin Brodeur

Least favorite goalie? Marty Turco...he is pretty much overrated.


Favorite fighter? – Jody Shelley, I used to not like him like at all, and then after going to practice and hearing Aaron Portzline talk about him and me actually meeting the guy I completely fell for him.

Least favorite fighter?- Jordin Tootoo, I don't know if he's considered a 'fighter' but he fights and is annoying as hell. So ya know.


Favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater? Honestly I really like our new jerseys this year they are pretty sweet.

Least favorite jersey/uniform/outfit/sweater? Preds mustard jerseys ewwwwwww.

Do you like home, away, or "third" jerseys best? Home :)


Who do you want to win the Cup? – CBJ but that won't happen for a bit so I'd like to see the Ducks repeat...that's right!! I said it!!

What player do you most admire? – Norrena he came over and became our number 1 goalie last year. And, I have complete confidence in him.

Which player would you most like to sit and have coffee with? – I'd actually love to just sit down and talk with Scott Niedermayer, he seems so nice.

What about a beer? – Hmmm, Ovechkin...he's hilarious...and I have a thing for Russians.

How about just watch the game with? – I'm going to say Pascal Leclaire, because I watched him watched the game and he seemed to have a pretty good time.

Have an in-depth hockey conversation with? – Chris Chelios for sure! He has to know everything about the sport by now!!


Do you collect hockey cards, memorabilia, etc? – No hockey cards. I have started a bobble head collection...MOM WHERE IS MY SAKIC BOBBLE?!!?!

If so, what’s your favorite card? I don't have any cards but if I did I would say Steve Yzerman.

Which is worth the most, and what’s it worth? – Uh...I don't have any.


Do you live by any hockey players? What are they like? – I live by NKU Hockey Players. They are wonderful, but uh...yea.

Do you play hockey? – No, I can skate so I figure I can play though.

What do you wear to hockey games? – Jeans and hoodies...mostly my Jackets hoodie.

Do you have any "watching hockey rituals" or anything anyone might consider weird? – Watching hockey rituals? I usually sit down have my dinner and get really angry oh and I wear my Habs hoodie...it tends to be lucky.


What’s your favorite hockey memory (as a fan?) – Honestly, the day I shadowed Aaron Portzline was probably the greatest day of my life. Meeting the guys being in the locker room after winning the series against Dallas, it was incredible feeling.

What’s your favorite hockey commercial? – This isn't a hockey commercial, but I love it.

Rudest/meanest/most annoying, etc? Player? Must you ask? TOOTOO!

Who’s the best looking? Zach Parise...yum.


Other off-handed/off-ice comments? – Is it hockey season yet?

Why do you really like hockey? – The skill, the heart, the passion. These guys go through so much during every game and still keep bringing it a lot of them through injuries and broken bones. I love the way the plays forms...I love everything. I love hockey fans and how passionate they all are...even if their teams suck they still support them.


Jeannie said...

Nice post. If you sit down with Chelios be sure to take me along! I love that guy.

Tracy said...

Bahaha! We're awesome with our spiffy surveys. :)

Bitchany said...

Jeannie: Shoot you know you'll be invited!!

Tracy: I know! Sarah from Neutral Zone Trap did it too!!