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Monday, July 23, 2007

College Hockey


I know a lot of my readers are from different parts of the world but if you are in Kentucky...be sure you head down to University of Kentucky for one of their hockey games. They have THE best games I have ever been to...not because of the hockey but because of the atmosphere. When you get that many college kids into an arena to watch a sport at midnight...it is amazing. I love every second of it. I can't even begin to describe the atmosphere down there but it is great...and if you do go be sure to wear your blue and white!!
University of Kentucky Hockey
University of Kentucky Hockey Fan Site


These are my boys. I have gone to so many of their games and have supported them...since I found out they were around. Our atmosphere is also amazing, we have had brawls with fans, crazy drunken frat boys, and well lots of good clean hockey...uh most of the time. They have a ton of fan support. And, it's nice and cheap $2 for a student $4 for general admission. You should for sure check them out.
Northern Kentucky University


Sarah said...

Slightly OT, but do you have any idea if that new arena they're building at NKU will have ice-making capacity?

If so, I could see it down the road as a possible venue for minor league hockey in the Cincy area that's not tainted by association with either side in the 90s-00s "hockey war."

Bitchany said...

It started out supposed to have the capability to make ice...but last I heard it was going to cost too much so they didn't do it...but I could be wrong. I tried getting in touch with one of the boys but couldn't...I sent an e-mail so I will let you know.

Bitchany said...

Yeah they aren't putting ice in it. I talked to Justin one of the guys who started NKU Hockey and he said they decided not to do it...I am kind of tempted to call and be like why?!!?

Sarah said...

That sucks. Cincinnati needs more ice sheets, and especially that side of the river.