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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ducks and Wings


So I'm a little late getting started and as I write this the game is probably in the second period now but I'm going to watch the first period and hopefully get caught up soon. First goal comes at 18:23 from Corey Perry. Wings scored 16:31 Cleary scores. Jackman scores 8:14 Ducks are up 2-1. 1:29 Teemu scores!! Ducks up 3-1.


I really hope I am close to getting caught up. I am rewinding through the intermission and commercials so it's going fast. Kyle Quincey is mic'd up. He's not very talkative.

19:11 Scott Niedermayer takes a penalty. Wings on the Power Play.

17:57 Sean O'Donnell takes a tripping penalty. Wings will have a 5 on 3 for 47 seconds.

Ducks are able to kill off both penalties and Giggy makes a great save.

Wings are on the power play again.

12:12 Big Bert scored. Ducks 3 Wings 2

Anaheim goes on the power play. *Still trying to get caught up here*

6:27 I am caught up!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Niedermayer just took a penalty and Wings score which is a bunch of shit...Cleary scored. DUCKS 3 WINGS 3

3:57 Detroit taking a penalty for interference.

The play is going back and fourth it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!

22.1 Seconds Perry took an interference penalty.


19:58 Rob Niedermayer took a cross checking penalty Wings get a minute and a half of 5 on 3. Refs hate Ducks.

Ducks are able to kill off BOTH penalties!! Go Ducks!!

15:37 Cleary tripped Huskins...Ducks on the power play

GETZLAF scores!!!!!!!!!! Ducks 4 Wings 3!!!!!!!!

**I'm going to send everyone over to my HLOG sisters blog they are liveblogging and they do a great job!!

Pookie and Schnookie's liveblog!


Schnookie said...

Bethany that was an awesome lead-in; thanks for live blogging the game, too! It was a nutty one, wasn't it?

Bethany said...

Yeah it was pretty nuts...Giggy stood on his head I was impressed.