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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Everybody hates the Leafs.

So apparently there are a few things in hockey that all fans have in common. And, when I say fans I mean us die-hard support our team through thick and thin fans. One of the biggest things is most of us hate the Leafs. Personally for me, as soon as I got into hockey I knew I didn’t like them. They were just one of the teams that I had no feelings but dislike for. So I decided a bit ago to try and figure out some reasons why everyone hated the Leafs so I sent some e-mails out and posted a blog to try and get some answers. So here is the majority of what I got. Bare with me…in high school we were told that we had to support our arguments so I will be doing that.

*Darcy Tucker – One of the dirtiest players in NHL history. Cheap-shot expert. Everyone that I have talked to has said I hate Tucker. Tucker sucks. On http://www.youtube.com hockeyguy9119 I think says it best when he says, “I'm a Leafs fan, but I'm real about it. I don't think they're a playoff team, and TUCKER SUCKS!!! anyone can stand there and shoot into an open net on the powerplay” Tucker just signed a four-year deal worth $3 million dollars per season…so I guess everyone has to go on dealing with his cheap shots for another four years. And, everyone who Is a Leaf's hater…can hate on for the next 4 seasons.

* Living in the past…and liking it – The Leafs seem to like to celebrate what happened a long time ago before most of their “fans” were born. This year they celebrated the anniversary of winning the Cup….uhm FOURTY years ago. Are you kidding me? Who does that?! Seriously. Why would you celebrate something like that? Are you really that desperate? Celebrate something that happened this year. Celebrate something that matters NOW! I decided to look at where they have been in the playoffs and when they have dropped out in the past 40 years and here is what I found: They haven’t even made it to the Stanley Cup finals since 1967. And, 12 of those seasons they didn’t even qualify for the playoffs. Hmm…come on now Leafers get real. (And, if you include this year it makes it 13 seasons.)

*Their fans – I’m sure this one is going to piss people off…but hey what has to be done must be done. The boys of HabsCast said their fans are “classless” they also say they’re “uncultured” and they’re annoying. They also say that they are “clueless and know nothing about hockey and their heritage.” Now, my only complaint about the Leaf fans themselves is well they are kind of clueless. I mean I was at a Columbus Blue Jackets vs Dallas Stars game…and some guy was wearing a Leaf jersey…in COLUMBUS, OHIO!!! I mean seriously…why?? I know it’s a hockey jersey…but wear one of the teams that’s actually playing. The men over at SensUnderground call this, “Spotting the Idiot.” And, I will let you know that I did take a picture of this guy and send it into them. Also, I heard there was someone at one of the playoff games in Leafs attire and yelling “Go Leafs GO.” Come on now. That’s just dumb! Now, I do know that not all of their fans are like this and that all fans can be obnoxious. I have to say my HLOG sisters K. Le and Monika are wonderful. (And just for the record no one can hate me for this blog…I wrote it using all information that was given to me plus my experiences with Leafers) I posted a blog asking everyone why they hated the Leafs…and I got a bunch of responses but here is one from Tspot that stuck out:

“100 % There fans!!! Holy crap there are things to be said about having pride in your team but common guys you don't listen to reason you think you are winning the cup every year it's been what 60 years since you won :) news flash you need to get in the playoffs first. Please do not argue that Mats Sundin is one of the greatest to ever play, you need to win something to be considered great.
Maybe It all goes back to what Ryan said about the maple leafs being Crammed down our throats since we where all born..”

Also, on my blog that asked why everyone hates the Leafs I got the one special Leafer that wrote “Go Leafs Go” of course that person remained anonymous.

*Lou and Marty hate the Leafs. Yes, that’s right The General Manager for the New Jersey Devils and arguably the best goalie of all time hate the Leafs. In the Devils last game of the 06-07 season they decided to play, I have only played 3 other times this year Clemmensen instead of Marty. Which honestly who can blame them? A decision that in fact knocked the Leafs out of the playoffs. The Leafs beat the Montreal Canadiens the night before which kept them in the playoff hunt and then their destiny was in the hands of Lou and Marty who said, nah we hate the Leafs Scottie you’re going in. (Ok, so I made that up…but it was classic you know this.)

*Media in Canada seems to have a love affair with the Leafs. I don’t live in Canada so I have to rely on the comments I got in response to my blog, so here’s what they have to say:

Ryan says: “Because my favorite show (HNIC) has been shoving them down my throat for my entire life. So many times I turn on the T.V. hoping to see a great Ottawa, Pittsburgh game (for example), only to learn that the HNIC has decided to show Toronto, Florida instead. It has frustrated me 5-10 times a year since I was six. That is a lot of pent up frustration.”

Sarah says: “To expand on what Ryan said...pretty much all major media, cultural institutions, etc in (English) Canada are located in Toronto. That leads to a situation where much of the media tends to reflect the concerns, interests, obsessions et al of Torontonians as if they represent the entire country. This leads a lot of Canadians outside of the GTA to feel resentful of Toronto and see Torontonians as self-satisfied, self-obsessed, and unaware of anything east of Oshawa or west of Milton. There's really nothing comparable in the US, because here NYC is counterbalanced by LA, Chicago, DC, etc to a much greater extent than Vancouver, Montreal, etc counterbalance Toronto.

The Leafs are wrapped up in this resentment/irritation because they represent Toronto, and because as with other matters Torontonian, they're often held up as "Canada's Team" especially by the CBC, even though there are five other NHL teams in Canada.

I'm far less annoyed by the Leafs now that I'm back in the States and don't have to deal with the Toronto-centric media. I'm also really quite fond of the city of Toronto, although I don't like the Toronto-The-Centre-of-the-Universe as it is in the media, etc”

Anonymous says: “hey, I hate the leafs naturally because I am a montreal fan, But it is also because they are "the center of the earth". CBC loves them Bob Cole rants about their superiority, I hate that so f***ing much!!!!!!!”

*So that’s what I have found…that’s why most people hate the Leafs. The mystery is no more. But I am going to leave you with another one of the comments I got on my post…I think he pretty much sums everything up.

Anonymous says: “Because when they win, it's despite the refs, and when they lose, it's because of the refs.

Darcy Tucker.

They clearly don't care about winning, only making money. Which is convenient, since a blind monkey throwing darts could turn a profit in Leaf-land.

They have some sort of co-dependency thing going with Sundin, which prevents him from moving on to a real franchise.

Their socks have too many stripes.

Their "top four" (sarcastic quotes) defensemen "earn" (more sarcastic quotes) over $18 million while having a combined +19 rating. There are currently fifteen *individual* D-men in the league that are +19 or better. If you take these fifteen plus the Leafs "top four" and rank them by salary, Leafs occupy slots 2, 4, 5, and 13. Well played, JFJ!”

1 comment:

Truth Serum said...

Pretty good post and mini-rant. Growing up listening and watching the Leafs, I can say that most of your post was dead-on true. Leaf fans and a few players are very obnoxious, so bad that they should carry warning signs. I wished we played them all the time so I could watch them tear up when they lose.