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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Liveblogging Sharks and Wings G4

**Yup it's true I will be liveblogging the game tonight for Dave at work**


Ok so I just got home there is 8:00 remaining in the first period and San Jose is on the power play.

But here's what I have missed so far...Zetterberg got a tripping penalty and Franzen took a holding penalty. And, Holmstrom is in fact back.

6:20 Both teams are skating, passing, and hitting very well.

Commercial break...goodness I just got home from work and was trying to get all caught up. Shots are 8-4 Wings. And, a penalty will be called when they get back.

4:40 Cheechoo takes a penalty so Wings go on the power play for the first time tonight.

3:43 Wings seem to be having a hard time getting anything going.

3:10 Nabby just made an amazing save on Zetterberg....and the Sharks were able to kill off the penalty still no score.

2:08 Cheechoo scores!! 1-0 SHARKS!

00:51.8 Holmstrom is trying to rough up some guys after Nabby makes the save. No penalties on the play. Holmstrom's helmet got messed up so the ref's made them send in Bertuzzi.

00:42.3 McLaren hooked but they sent Rivet to the box so Wings are on the power play for the remaining first period...and will start the second period with about a minute and a half on the power play.

00:00 Phew...that was rough I am going to get situated be back for the second!


Here is some Wings love for you Dave. I love Chelios...I know you think he is old but they just highlighted one of his shifts he battled in the corner then play went down to the other end and there was a 2 on 1 and he goes back to save the day oh it was Chelios! So there ya go...that should make up for all my Sharks love.


20:00 Here we go!

18:41 Sharks are able to kill it off and Wings get no shots on the power play.

16:49 Wings just took a Too Many Men on the Ice penalty and they put Holmstrom in the box...I don't understand how they choose who goes in and out...weird.

14:30 Wings are able to kill it off and hold the Sharks from taking a shot on goal.

11:53 Hasek is complaining but the puck went to the back of the net. There was a delayed penalty. The linesmen are talking about it. But it looks like it's going to count...they are calling the war room. I will hold off on putting the score up.

The puck goes off Lilja's head and right into the net. Hasek is a nut. GOAL COUNTS!!!


11:00 The Haseeeeeeeeek Haaaaaaaaaaaasssek chants have started oh I love it!!!

Commercials are fun...

7:27 Sharks are dominating...and Wings are playing sloppy.

6:47 Cheechoo and Maltby take penalties so we have 2 minutes of 4 on 4

3:36 Nabby is great. He has made 17 saves thus far. He has been amazing tonight.

2:00 Lidstrom was knocked down and there probably should have been a penalty but they didn't call it. Nabby made a great save on the play.

1:00 Momentum is starting to go towards Detroit...they have been controlling the the play.

15.5 Holy cow the Wings just keep throwing shot after shot at Nabby...he's on fire.

9.9 Maclaren took a cross-checking penalty

4.5 Holmstrom scores on the power play SHARKS 2 WINGS 1


19:22 WHOA Wings just miss a wide open net...Nabby was down and out...and Cheechoo blocked it.

17:58 Wings have all the momentum right now...and they are controlling the play.

17:27 Goc just took a penalty for slashing Wings on the power play.

15:07 Sharks will it off....yay

14:08 Still here the length of the series is starting to show and scrums are starting more and more.

10:12 Hasek freezes the puck....he is such a nut.

The old man just had a pretty good save.

9:16 Draper just took a delay of game penalty...hopefully Sharks can capitalize.

7:14 Wings are able to kill off the Sharks power play.

5:01 Commercial time...both teams are playing extremely well.

3:08 Icing call Wings are trying desperately to tie it up. Nabby is playing great though!

2:00 I'm wondering when they are going to pull Hasek but Wings can't seem to keep it in the Sharks zone.

1:00 Empty Net

33.1 WINGS TIE IT UP DAVE!!! 2 All!! Nabby looks sad. Lang scored


Going into overtime it looks like Wings will have all the momentum...we'll see I guess.


Right off the face off Datsyul gets a one on one with Nabby...Nabby stones him.

Dave did you go home yet?

Both teams have had some great chances but the goalies are standing tall.

Wings take a penalty so Sharks on the power play.

Billy Guerin took a puck to the face and is bleeding pretty bad. But, he got up and skated off on his own will. And wouldn't let the trainer put the towel on it. Nice!

They keep talking about how old Chelios is...it's kind of amazing.

Wings are able to kill off the penalty.

Uh oh Holmstrom went into the locker room they aren't sure if he is hurt or what.

Sharks are starting to dominate more. Still no word on Holmstrom I don't see him...

Wings are on the power play 4:20

WINGS WIN!! Wings 3 Sharks 2

Series is now even at 2-2


Anonymous said...

I've been busy tonight. This is the first I've had a chance to look at it. THANKS!!!

Oh yea, and have a great Fifth Third Day!

Bethany said...

You too Dave! Are you working tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Of course.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Wings play better without Hasek on the ice.

Bethany said...

Haha ya think? I think they should play Osgood! At least he can play the puck!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here, are you getting tired of typing?

Bethany said...

Nope just making sure I'm not typing to no one...

Anonymous said...

that's not good.

Anonymous said...

Who scored?

Bethany said...

Oh my bad Schneider...went right under the cross bar Nabby didn't have a chance at it.