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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conference Finals


Anaheim Ducks vs Detroit Red Wings

Prediction Ducks in 7

Why Anaheim's strong defense...with guys like Pronger, Niedermayer, and Beauchemin on defense...no matter how good Lidstrom is...he and the I really should be at home watching Wheel of Fortune now Chelios don't light a candle to the Anaheim D. Goaltending...Giggy has the heart he has been great the entire time he has played. Hasek he is getting old and I Have a feeling that he will be getting a little warn down...not to mention Anaheim is all about screening and Hasek is a bit of a baby when it comes to that. Anaheim's ability to play tough. Anaheim has never backed out of a fight...they hit hard and that's what helps them out. They break down other teams by beating the hell out of them. Detroit doesn't have that. It's about toughness. Anaheim's ability to score goals. Anaheim has 2 very very very good lines. Whether they throw out Selanne, Kunitz, and McDonald, or the PPG (Penner, Perry, and Getzlaf) they will score. Anaheim's checking line scares the hell out of me. They are big and they are mean. Detroit don't get me wrong is a great team. I won't deny that...but when it comes to playing tough and playing playoff hockey...Anaheim has them beat. And, not to mention the fact that I think Hasek is simply playing for money...because for every round he wins he gets more cash.


Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa Senators

Prediction Senators in 6

Why Out of all the teams in the playoffs the Senators are playing the best hockey. They played a very defensive team in Jersey and faced the amazing Martin Brodeur and beat them in FIVE games. They played a very offensively minded team in the Penguins and beat them in yup you guessed it five games. The Sabres have not been playing good hockey at all. They have had trouble elminating the Rangers (which I still think the Rangers should have won) and the Islanders. Offensively the Sabres have the Sens beat no doubt. Defensively Sens have Sabres beat. I guess it comes down to goaltending. Ray Emery vs Ryan Miller. Who is the better goaltender? Emery. Maybe you're wondering why...BUT...Ray Emery was the only goaltender to beat the Sabres FIVE times in the regular season. Emery is one of the calmest guys under pressure. Both of these goaltenders have something to prove. But, I think Emery is more about the heart and pride.

Either way...these Conference Finals are going to be AMAZING!!!!


Sarah said...

OT, but I just got an e-mail today from the CBJ about coming to pick up the draft tickets I requested. Did you get that?

Bethany said...

Yeah I did I am going to have them mail mine cuz I won't be up in Cbus for a while. So I guess they sent it to everyone.