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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Playoff Predictions

Since I don't have time to write an actual post as my life is insanely crazy at the moment I will put up my playoff predictions so here we go.


Detroit and Calgary

I'm going to have to say Calgary in 7. I see Calgary winning this only because of the division they were in...it's a tough one.

Ducks and Wild

Ducks in 6. I love my Ducks team and the Ducks boys...not a doubt in my mind that they will win this series.

Vancouver and Dallas

I want so badly to go with Vancouver but I'm going to have to go with Dallas in 7.

San Jose and Nashville

Wow this is going to be quite the series. I'm going to go with San Jose in 7 only because they are a more complete team than the Preds.


Buffalo and Islanders

Oh wow...a lot of people are predicting a sweep...but it's going to be Buffalo in 6.

New Jersey and Tampa Bay

Shoot Devils in 5. The only possible way Tampa could win is if they stick both their goalies in net. (No offense Tampa Bay fans)

Rangers and Thrashers

Rangers in 7. Simply because I don't like the Thrashers.

Penguins and Senators

Sens in 5. Crosby won't be able to carry his team through the playoffs...sorry but he won't. Pens don't have the goalie or the defense to help. (Not to mention I HATE SIDNEY CROSBY!!!

1 comment:

DC Sports Chick said...

Gooooooo DUCKS! (And Sens.)