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Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Evening!

So I have been slacking on the posts however tonight I will ve liveblogging the Sharks and Wings game tonight...so tell your friends. Right, now I'm watching the Sens and Devils game. Can I tell you how much I want Scott Gomez on my team?! Thankfully he will be a UFA on July 1st so let's hope we get him...or some top line center...because I think that we're going to keeps Fedorov on defense...but I don't really know. It's all up to Hitch. Still no word on a new GM. I will keep you posted.

OK, so for the much awaited Draft post. *This isn't going to be much really!* I live about an hour and a half from Columbus where the draft is taking place. So, I am coming up Thursday after work and getting a hotel kind of out of town that way I don't have to deal with staying in town and I think it's cheaper. But, I mean whatever. I am hoping to hang out with some fellow bloggers so if you're going let me know and we will get together for dinner or something. i am not sure how the draft works. So maybe someone should explain it to me but uhm...I will have my car up there. Anyway. that's all keep a look out for the liveblog tonight!

1 comment:

Hegemo said...

I'm thinking about doing a cookout or pool party or something at my place in conjunction with the draft/Comfest, since I live within walking distance. Most likely on Saturday. Obviously, I am not into posting my address all over the internet, but if there are some bloggers coming into town for the draft, I'd be happy to invite them.

(BTW, this is Sarah from Neutral Zone Trap...this is forcing me to log-in using my old Blogger account)