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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ducks vs Wild LIVEBLOG!!

7:45: It's about that time I am preparing myself for the game. Getting dinner and snacks and currently watching the Pens and Sens game. Alright be back soon!

8:00 Its time and it looks like I'm getting the Minnie feed...how obnoxious...GO DUCKS GO!

8:09 Anthem time...I don't like their girl...when I was at the Flyers game their girl was the best I have heard.

8:11 Bryzgalov is in net again for Ducks and Backstrom both these guys are great.

8:12 Time to Drop the Puck!!!


8:12 Those fans are loud!!

8:14 The Wild have to have some of the ugliest jerseys ever!!

8:15 What a save! Way to be Bryz!

8:19 Ducks go on the power play Gaborik goes off for hooking.

8:21 Excuse me Ducks you're on the power play...get it going.

8:22 There is 12:44 left in the first and Anaheim just called for hooking...not sure to whom yet its a tv timeout.

8:24 It's Rob Niedermayer in for hooking. Come on boys...kill this off.

8:27 Well they killed it off...thank goodness. Now they need to get it out of their zone.

8:31 Wild almost scored...thats insane. Bryz continues to amaze me.

8:34 Things are gettin angry in Minnie...what a series.

8:39 So I missed a penalty but Anaheim is on the powerplay.


8:42 Ryan Shannon goes in for hooking. Come on Ducks...clear it.

8:45 Well I will be going back to the period time format for the next period. First period 1-0 DUCKS!


Haha there are guys wearing Chiefs jerseys. You go to box...you feel shame.

Pronger doesn't have a playoff beard...and it looks like he got a hair cut. Weird...


20:00 Let's go DUCKS! I freakin hate the Wild. Like more than a lot.

19:01 Wow Backstrom just keeps stoning the Ducks...amazing. Perry and Penner and Getz all had chances...I just can't believe it. I think he is a UFA this year...but I dunno.

15:38 Getzlaf tripped somebody and goes and sits in the box with a smile on his face. I love when they do that...he is quite the man. Wild are 0-12 on the power play in this series...not impressive.

14:02 Oh gosh Bryz is just getting peppered with shots keep on working Bryz!!

12:46 Well they killed it off and are controlling play right now. This game really isn't as exciting as I thought it would be.

9:29 The Wild announcers are such homers...how obnoxious. Somebody on the Wild took a penalty not sure who. Rolston hooked Pronger...BAD. So power play DUCKS!

8:16 The Wild are getting a bunch of short handed chances. There are hits everywhere it's starting to pick up.

7:14 Wild were able to kill it off...and didn't allow any shots on goal for that power play. Ducks...you are better than that!!

5:39 I dunno...Wild are going on a power play I will have to wait til they come back from break to see. It's Kunitz for tripping.

4:17 Bryz is just amazing. Glove saves...everything what can't he do...he just had a pretty sweet stick save too!!

2:59 Holy cow shot after shot on both ends of the ice...hits and hits...goodness this is stressful.

2:13 Backstrom and Teemu both got penalties. So 4 on 4 hockey. Backstrom should have stayed in his crease...I hate these damn announcers.

00:00 GOODNESS....it's over...Lord.


19:46 Adam Hall with a trip...BAD...GO DUCKS!!!

13:01 I'm still here....getting tired...and this is getting boring.

10:15 Rob Niedermayer scored!! GO DUCKS GO!!!

6:01 So I'm still here....nothing really going on. Wild can't get anything going and the Ducks are just stopping everything.

5:29 Apparently the Wild announcers are mentally challenged and said Bryz has been good but not great...uhm...I don't think we're watching the same game. I HATE YOU ANNOUNCERS!

3:29 Do you think Rob ever wonders why he's not as good as Scott? I mean Scott gets most of the attention and Robbie just hangs out on his little checking line checking people...I wonder if they get jealous of each other.

2: uh something...Beachamin (sorry don't feel like checkin spelling) got hit with a high stick and a puck it looked like...not sure what but he went back to the dressing room. it's ok though Ducks got this one in the bag.

1:21 A bit of a scrum just happened....the boys Travis Moen and Sammy Pahlson are in there for roughing and third man in I think. Randy Carlyle is smiling...I guess he feels confident. I dunno if the Wild took a penalty.

38.2 seconds left Wild score Nummelin. Come on Ducks...you can do it...let's get the sweep going.



Earl Sleek said...

Nothing like a nailbiter, eh? Great work so far by Bryzgalov, but really the blueline is playing this game well (through 2 periods).

Kunitz could stay out the box a bit more, that trip was just lazy.

Bethany said...

Bryz is just amazing. Everytime I watch him he gets better and better. Kunitz I think wants to be really aggressive because of his fight the other day but he's coming off as sloppy I think. Anyway I don't know. Wild hockey is some boring hockey though...but the Ducks are making it pretty interesting.

Earl Sleek said...

Pretty sneaky strategy at the end there, find a way to penalize both Sammy and Moen, but other than that, a pretty smooth game for the winged ones.

Go Ducks.