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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh my beloved Jackets

You know for not being in the playoffs we sure are playing some good hockey. Well maybe not good hockey but we're on a three game winning streak. The first win came against the Chicago Blackhawks. The score was 5-2. Then we had an amazing SO victory over the Detroit Red Wings...which was a little bitter sweet to me because, I started off a Red Wings fan...and still have a soft spot in my heart for all things Red Wings. Then tonight we had a 4-1 victory over the St. Louis Blue's. I'm not gonna lie I only watched the Red Wings game. Not because I don't love my team but because well to be honest I had things to do. Anyway the win over the Red Wings made me feel good. Not because we won, and not because Norrena won in a shootout, but because of who got the game winner, Sergei Fedorov. All the time people are complaining because oh his salary, oh he's old and whatever but you know what I'm going to stick up for him. This season his time on ice average is 19:33...but in the past 5 games his average is 22:27 that's three more minutes. And, he is a +1 and for the season he is a -6. Alright, so here I go on my little rant. The man is a CENTER and then we had some of our defensemen go down and what does Hitch decide to do...he continues Scottie Bowman's experiment with moving Fedorov to a dman. You show me someone else in the NHL who can play both those positions and do it as well as Sergie Fedorov...I don't think you can. I always talk about complete players...well maybe not on here but I do trust me haha. I love Fedorov and am thrilled that he is on my team. Anyway at the Joe when we beat the Wings he was getting booed and you know I feel bad for him. Big deal he left your team get over it. Everyone needs a change. Anyway I love my team reguardless so I guess my rant is over. Also, sorry if this was all over the place but I am watching the Canucks vs Avs game...so yeah better go...goodnight all. OH, also check out Michael's podcast for the CBJ here.

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