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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hockey Podcasts

So since I have a job where I basically and just sit and listen to my iPod all day I love podcasts. And, I listen to a ton of them. So I really want to make a list of the podcasts I listen to and what I think about them.
1. Face Off Hockey Show I love these guys...they are fun to listen to and incredibly entertaining. I feel like I can relate to them and it's a 2 hour show so it keeps me entertained for quite a while.
2. HabsCast Being that I love the Habs and they are my favorite Canadian team I love this podcast. These guys are hilarious...they all have such different opinions on things and get mad at each other...I love it!
3. Sens Underground This is probably one of my favorites...they're entertaining and you get the point they talk about their team and are brutally honest about everyone...even though I don't agree with their opinion on Tootoo.
4. The Crazy Canucks A crazy group of Canucks fans who love their team...well as long as things are going well...which for the Canucks seems to happen quite often. They are amazingly knowledgeable about the game and all the aspects of it.
5. KingsCast So I may not be a fan of the Kings, but WOW. These guys are hilarious and so much fun to listen to. I love everything about this podcast. They don't take their team too seriously and just have a great time with it.
So there ya go...there's my list. I didn't include the actual podcasts from the teams...but those are some good ones also. If anyone knows of anymore let me know...I am hoping to get one going soon...but we shall see.

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