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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fredrik Norrena > Pascal Leclaire

If I see that Leclaire is injured one more time this season...I am going to freak out. I have never seen the kid play an entire game...and well frankly I don't know that I want to. Norrena has proven to be a more than confident goalie for us (yes I realize we lost 4-0 tonight...but I will get to that later) he just struggles on one on one situations...which he CAN improve on...BUT at least he's not injured for the entire season! I seriously hate this. UGH!! Send Leclaire down and let's keep Conklin up...maybe he can play more than 30 games for us.

Alright, I apologize for that but man I am so sick of hearing Leclaire is injured. Anyway, so I missed the game tonight due to the fact that I was at work doing nothing basically but had to stay anyway. But, when I got home I saw that my boys had been shut out AGAIN. Just for the record that's the 13th time this season. Alright so when I got home I turned on the tv and our little announcer guys are there talking about the refs...so I simply shut off the tv and grabbed my computer and hopped on NHL.com to check out the score sheet...and well what I saw were a lot of penalties for my Jackets...a total of 14 to be exact and let me break these down for ya...there were 5 roughing calls...3 hooking calls...2 fighting majors...and a 10 minute misconduct along with a few other ones. We gave up 2 power play goals...and 2 even strength goals. Norrena stopped 24 of the 28 shots he faced. But, I don't blame him for this loss at all because to put it quite frankly...you don't win hockey games if you don't get the puck to the net. I am not sure how of the quality of chances we got...but I'm sure we made Roloson look a heck of a lot better than he actually is. Anyway, since I didn't watch the game I can't really talk too much about it...but I found it really interesting the penalties we took tonight...we're not one of these rough and tumble teams.

On a happier note...the Preds lost tonight...and Forsberg still has yet to record a point down there...he even got a chance to shoot in the shootout and he was stopped...for some reason this makes me happy. And, it's not because I don't like Forsberg...because I agree with everyone he is a great player...I have seen all his highlight videos on youtube haha and I am impressed however I hate the Preds so much and do not want them to win the Cup this year...so whenever they struggle I am happy. That's all for the night!

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