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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Ducks Could Not Buy a Goal

Pretty much thanks to Peter Budaj. He was like a brick wall last night. I have talked about him before but I'm pretty sure he was channeling his inner Martin Brodeur. It was absolutely incredible. The Ducks were short handed and they kept throwing shot after shot after shot at him and he stopped everything. I absolutely could not believe it. The Ducks I do believe need to step it up a notch it seems they have just been coasting along. And, the line juggling needs to stop. It's almost playoff time...don't juggle your lines now. Although, I will say this I was happy to see Penner on a line with Getzlaf and Perry...at least for the first period...haha.
I was shocked with the way Teemu reacted when the ref made a bad call when the puck was backhanded off the ice and into the stands. I know the guys chirp at the refs and yell and what not. But, Teemu seemed genuinly outraged and kept yelling at the ref and eventually was sent to the locker room. I could not believe it. Teemu has always seemed calm, cool, and collected to me when I have watched him at least. I suppose I was wrong...(hey it wouldn't be the first time!)
Oh and for the first time in a long time...the entire line up was healthy...so hopefully we will be seeing the first half of the season Ducks real soon...actually really really soon because as of right now the San Jose Sharks are only one point behind the Ducks...so get your act together!!
Tonight, I'm hoping that the Jackets can beat the Blue's and that the Sharks beat the Preds...even though if they do...they will be ahead of the Ducks...but that's ok because I hate the Preds more than I love the Ducks!

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