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Saturday, September 1, 2007

My NHL "Awards"

So CapsChick issued us this challenge...so I did it.

Best one-on-one offensive play
er: I think I want to go with Joe Sakic...but then again I kind of want to go with someone different because Kirsten already said him....but you can't deny his skill.

Best one-on-one defenceman: Niedermayer he can do anything...I mean he can skate...pass...shoot...he can do anything a forward can do plus he's an amazing defender.

Assist Man: Vyborny...this guy has so much talent and gets over-looked so many times (even by me) and I have to go with my boy.

Best Pure Goal Scorer: Ovechkin for sure!! No question.

Power Play Specialist: Hmmm I would agree with Kirsten again but Souray is just awful. I am going to go with Pronger...I know right?!

Shorthanded Specialist: Rick Nash...hahahaha...how about Jordan Staal that kid has a ton of talent and is probably the only Penguin I actually like.

Need One Save: Martin Brodeur I have to go with the man on my wall.

The Guy You've Never Heard Of: Sidney who?

Biggest Impact on a New Team: Norrena!!!!

When It Gets Chippy: Jody Shelley he's our tough guy and having talked to the guy...I love him!!

Coach For a Must-Win Game: Ken Hitchcock...best coach in the NHL.

Get Under Your Skin Guy: Sean Avery did you see him in the playoffs? Absolutely wonderful.

The Home Crowd: I haven't been to too many arena's. But, aside from the Jackets...I'm going to go with the Flyers last year at the end of the season they were still there cheering their hearts out.

Most Overrated Player: Sidney Crosby. Yes, he has talent. Yes, he is young. But, get over it and focus on someone else...someone with personality go with Ovechkin!!

Most Underrated Player: Sammy Pahlsson I think...that kid has so much talent.

Worst Arena to Play in as a Visitor: If my name was Sergei Fedorov I would say The Joe.

Worst Arena to Play in as the Home Team: I don't know...

Project Runway: Yeah, uhm...Crosby...

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