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Friday, August 3, 2007

Who needs to retire?

Terry Frei over at ESPN has a pretty entertaining article about who should retire.

  1. Eric Lindros ~ He is embroiled in Players' Association politics and the search for a new executive director, which should raise eyebrows, and remains without a contract for next season.
  2. Jeremy Roenick ~ Stop backtracking. Just quit. Cleanly. Unequivocally. Take Brett Hull's TV seat.
  3. Patrice Brisebois ~ Brisebois has made stunningly good money, and the headaches continuing to play will bring wouldn't be worth it -- for everyone involved.
  4. Pierre Turgeon
  5. Michael Peca
  6. Peter Forsberg
I can agree with most of those Foppa he puts into a gray area. Everyone knows Forsberg can be an elite player in this league, but whether or not he's going to keep having issues with his foot will be the deciding factor in what he does. Either way these guys have had amazing careers. But, seriously JR, retire, last year was pretty embarrassing. Make sure you check out the entire article it's pretty entertaining.

1 comment:

KMS2 said...

Last year was embarrassing for JR? No, no, the last 2 years.