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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Players I want to have a drink with...

Alanah started this nonsense. And, well the idea spread like wild fire. So here's the idea...you say what players you want to have drinks with. Sounds easy enough eh?
Avalanche ~
Ryan Smyth so I can let him know big boys don't cry.
Blackhawks ~ Jim Fahey...haha I didn't even know he was on the Hawks until I looked on NHL.com...he seems so entertaining in the youtube interviews I have seen him...and besides that he has probably one of the cutest accents ever.
Blue Jackets ~ Hmm...Leclaire...or Shelley I know I always give Leclaire a hard time but he seems like such a goof and so fun to hang with.
Blues ~ Manny Legacy I don't know why...I love goalies........and apparently they're pretty entertaining.
Boston ~ Ya know I'm going to have to agree with what the Yankee Canuck said and go with Chara...I wanna see how much that boy can put down.
Canadiens ~ Guillaume Latandresse aside from being absolutely adorable he has that cute little accent...that makes me weak in the knees....watch the video ladies.

Canucks ~ Willie Mitchell he seems just crazy enough so that you will have a blast with the guy.
Capitals ~ Semin...I have decided with the help of my HLOG sisters that he knows English and would be a blast to get absolutely plastered with...and with this interview he seems pretty funny.
Coyotes ~ The Great One...who else is there? (Don't get offended Tracy)
Devils ~ Martin Brodeur...that guy is freaking amazing...
Ducks ~ Brian Burke with his come backs and everything why wouldn't you want to have a drink with him...he's a total nut.
Flames ~ Iginla no reason really just because.
Flyers ~ Joffrey Lupul so I can be like what the hell happened to you?!?!?!?!
Hurricanes ~ Cam Ward...see above.
Islanders ~ Billy Guerin because with all the traveling he does team to team you know he has some messed up stories.
Kings ~ Jack Johnson...is he old enough to drink? If he's not I'll take him up to Canada where it's legal...
Lightning ~ Shane O'Brien I have watched this kid play forever it seems like and when he played in Cincinnati he was always the ladies man...and if you want to know all the reasons read this.
Maple Leafs ~ They're lucky they got Vesa because without him to be perfectly honest I want nothing to do with that entire team.
Oilers ~ Kevin Lowe...I'm pretty sure I can out drink him.
Panthers ~ Nathan Horton...I don't know why I have always been drawn to the kid.
Penguins ~ Ruutu please see this video.
Predators ~ Tootoo because I hate him...and because I want to kick him.
Rangers ~ Sean Avery is absolutely a nut...and I want to just go out and see what trouble I can get into with him. You know you will have a blast with his mouth.
Red Wings ~ Chris Chelios so I can get him wasted and convince him to marry my mom.
Sabres ~ Uhm...ya know...Thomas Vanek...I just want to ask him what he really thinks about the offer sheet haha.
Senators ~ Brian Mcgrattan...haha...because...well I don't want to say but some of my HLOG sisters know...
Sharks ~ Big Joe...he seems so funny...I just want to be around the guy haha.
Stars ~ Marty Turco...no I don't like the guy but at the All-Star Game I will admit that his mic'd up was pretty entertaining.
Thrashers ~ Hossa...because he is pretty.
Wild ~ Derek Boogaard so he can give me one of his shirts....and teach me how to fight haha.

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Shmee said...

Excellent list!