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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oh Kevin Lowe...

So, I found this little doozy on one of the facebook groups that is anti Kevin Lowe and thought it was quite entertaining. Anyway, Kevin Lowe got his man. Dustin Penner is officially an Oiler. It's kind of weird to think of him that way. The Ducks will receive a first round, a second round, and a third round pick in the next Draft. Over the next 5 years Dustin Penner will receive $21.25 million. Penner had 29 goals and 16 assists last season. Dustin Penner will go to Edmonton being one of their top forwards. I'm kind of speechless. Burke's reaction was typical of Burke

''We don't believe these salaries make sense,'' Anaheim general manager Brian Burke said on a conference call. ''If I believe these salaries don't make sense and I match then I'm just as dumb as the team that extended the offer.''
The friendship between Lowe and Burke seems to be over. But, I think that Lowe put it best when he said this:
"I have not (called him) and I don't plan on it," Lowe said on a conference call. "I have one responsibility and one responsibility only - and that's to the Edmonton Oilers fans and the Edmonton Oilers ownership.

"I'm not in the business of trying to make friends. Never have, never will be."
Dustin had this to say about the pressure that was about to be put on him.

"The pressure that I receive from the media and fans won't be near the pressure of what I put on myself," said Penner. "I know myself I didn't peak this last year as a player in Anaheim.

"I don't know what my potential is, but I think in the next five years I'll find out."

Just a random thought though if Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe were to duke it out...who do you think would win? My money is on Burkie.

Get a good hard look Dustin, you won't be holding that for a long long time.

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