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Sunday, July 8, 2007

What to Expect

You want to know what to expect from our club next year? Expect to see some young kids. Expect to see guys given a chance to prove themselves at the NHL level. Expect to see the beginning of a new era with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Expect to see Ken Hitchcock mold these players into the best they can be. Expect Scott Howson to make the best decisions for our club. Expect to see a team thriving for consistency. Expect Hitchcock to make these guys prove themselves at training camp and earn their spots on the roster.


Shmee said...

If anyone can do it, Hitch can. And a young team is part of rebuilding, plus making sure you are a contender for the future. Go CBJ!

Jeannie said...

I am so excited for the coming year! I'm excited to watch as Hitch makes the Jackets strive for perfection!

Bitchany said...

I have faith in my little Hitchy too. Our future is bright...hopefully this year we can fill in the missing pieces.
Hitch'll get em in line...then we'll be unstoppable bwahahaha