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Sunday, July 29, 2007

We got an F.

We Jackets fans are used to disappointment. But, when Scott Howson came aboard we got some hope. Then I read this little gem.

Scott Howson got right to work after replacing Doug McLean as GM in June because he had to. The Blue Jackets remain in disarray as they enter their seventh NHL season without even having sniffed a playoff spot and Howson has a lot to do to change things.

But it will take time as the limited activity by the Blue Jackets this summer shows. Columbus doesn't spend big money anyway, so its off-season efforts have been mainly the kind that get lost on the transaction.

The bright side is that coach Ken Hitchcock usually gets a lot out of what he has to work with. He'll need to this season. Grade: F

Seriously? An F? We don't spend big money? Uhm...it's been documented everywhere that we're not going to spend big money this year. There is no point when we are developing our younger players. Adding a few over paid veterans isn't going to make us a Cup contender! You don't build one of those over night...sorry. I hate when people treat Columbus like such a joke because we didn't go out and spend a ton. We WILL be a good team...it just takes time. I have faith in Hitch and Howson.


kristin said...

Ouch. An F always hurts...

Bitchany said...

I know right? What a jerk.

KMS2 said...

Yeah, that hurts. But every team can't always spend big money or off-load large unnecessary contracts at a drop of a dime. Hmm, looks like the Pacific Division hasn't been graded yet. I'll have to check back and see what they grade the Kings. I'm going to say B, but I could be too optimistic.

Tracy said...

Pfft. We're in the same boat as you. The old, "You've got to spend money to make money." doesn't quite fit in with a quote-unquote rebuild. We're labeled as 'already out of it' just because we're not offering ridiculous contracts to overly greedy/cocky players. Just you wait, naysayers. We SHALL have the last laugh (quite possibly at ourselves...) In a couple of years, when your inflated contracts run out and we're golden, you'll be sorry you messed with us!!

Drew said...

It's an opinion, not an indictment. And you know what your father used to tell you about opinions, right?

I wouldn't award too much emotion to something like this.

Bitchany said...

KMS2: I am sure it will be on soon...but I think you guys at least deserve a B but these guys have their minds already made up on who they like and who they don't.
Tracy: I know right?! I enjoy watching my younger players develop...it'd be nice to get a few playoff games under our belt...I'm hoping that my heart can take it when it happens haha.
Drew: I know I was being emotional about my team..sue me! Haha.