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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day!!

9:56 AM ~ Alright, and now for the free agent news. I am still hoping to be home before free agency hits but it's not looking too promising. In this mornings Dispatch they put together a list of the free agents that we might be interested in. You can check it out here also, they did an article on our young talent which is pretty refreshing to hear. Check back for updates throughout the day.

10:48 AM ~ My good buddy over at Bleu Blanc et Rouge will be liveblogging throughout the day the entire Free Agent Frenzy so be sure to check him out for updates on the entire NHL...and check me out for all your Blue Jackets news!!

10:53 AM ~ Why am I so nervous?! This is ridiculous...I know the Jackets aren't going to make a huge splash...well at least I don't expect them to. I know I'm not going to get Gomez...but maybe just maybe we'll get a good young blue liner....a girl can hope right....RIGHT?!

10:56 AM ~ I have the best HLOG sisters in the world...not gonna lie. Margee lets everybody know what is going on with these UFA's.

2:23 PM ~ Well, I am back home...and well I didn't miss much...if anything. The Sharks re-sign Big Joe. Flames will be extending Iggy. Thrashers sign Todd White. Thrashers re-sign Dupuis. Whitney is staying in Pittsburgh. Panthers sign McLean and Zednick. Tom Poti is a Cap.

2:39 PM ~ Blues re-sign Jackman...guess I missed that one.

2:57 PM ~ Mathieu Schneider is a Duck!!

3:03 PM ~ I guess this means Scottie is hangin em up...although I don't want to think about hockey without him...I love him.

3:40 PM ~ Oilers sign Dick Tarnstrom and Denis Grebeshkov to one year contracts...and apparently Briere is close with the Flyers to signing a deal.

3:47 PM ~ Briere a Flyer and Gomez is a Ranger

10:45 PM ~ In case you didn't notice I gave up...

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