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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bye Bye Conklin!!

I did one of these for Boucher so I couldn't not do one for Ty Conklin. Ty signed with Pittsburgh. Aside from being our third string last year, Mr Conklin had a soft place in my heart. Steph and I are kind of sad about it because we won't get to see him like ever since he is in the Eastern Conference but we are glad he signed somewhere haha. So, the ONLY time I will be cheering for the Penguins will be when Conklin is in net.


Steph said...

Stupid Pennsylvania based teams stealing all my ex-Oilers! Maybe he and Laraque and Sykora can make an ex-Oilers club. No kids allowed. And Jason Smith can come visit sometimes. I'm not so sure about Lupul, though.

I miss Conks :(

Drew said...

Did we forget about the Sabres?

Bitchany said...

Steph: ME TOO!! I am sooo sad.
Drew: Who are the Sabres? Haha, I know but that was a trade deadline thing...I knew it would be temporary.