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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bethany's Top 10 Games of 07-08

Yeah, so E.J. Hradek made his list of the Top 10 games for next year. So, I decided that I would do mine...but all the games will be my beloved Blue Jackets...these are home and away games...so if you want to know which is which check out the schedule.

  1. October 5, 2007 vs the Anaheim Ducks. The defending Stanley Cup Champions will come into Nationwide Arena and the Jackets will hopefully get back at them for making us lose the last game of the season at home.
  2. November 21, 2007 vs the Florida Panthers. Vokoun will meet the Jackets in Nationwide Arena for the first time wearing his new Florida Panthers jersey.
  3. October 19, 2007 vs the Buffalo Sabres. We are heading to Buffalo, and hopefully make the Sabres feel just as bad as they did when they left Nationwide when they were in town last season.
  4. November 12, 2007 vs the Nashville Predators. With the Predators losing some of their top UFA's we hopefully can get some wins out of them this year. This will be the first time that the Preds will enter Nationwide this season...hopefully it will start out well.
  5. December 26, 2007 vs the Atlanta Thrashers. I love when teams I have never seen before come to town. I guess that's why it's such a treat for me when we get to see the Eastern Conference teams.
  6. February 19, 2008 vs the Toronto Maple Laughs. I hate them almost as much as I hate the Preds...impressive I know.
  7. February 21. 2008 vs the Ottawa Senators. These guys made it to the Stanley Cup Finals...it'll be nice to see how we do against em...and how Heater does.
  8. February 23, 2008 vs the Montreal Canadiens. My Eastern Conference team...my heart hurts when we play them...but I'll always cheer for my boys.
  9. October 10, 2007 vs the Phoenix Coyotes...I am sure me and my Twin will have some sort of wager on this game...should be a good time.
  10. February 5, 2008 vs the Washington Capitals. When Ovechkin is in town...I will be one happy girl. He is one guy that I have been waiting patiently to see in person...and when it happens...I don't know what I will do.


Sarah said...

By far, the two hockey games I'm looking forward to the most next season are the games St. Lawrence is playing at OSU, Dec. 7 & 8.

As far as the CBJs, I am looking forward to the first visit of Ovechkin and the March 4 game in Calgary, since if all goes according to plan, I'll be at that one.

KMS2 said...

I'm with you on the Canadiens one, but I have no desire to see the Leafs. You and Tracy definitely need to make a wager.

Bitchany said...

Are you going to the Washington game Sarah?

And, KMS2 don't worry Tracy and I WILL have a wager!! By the way are you back?!

Sarah said...

I expect I'll be at the Washington game, pending work responsibilities, as always.

Mike said...

You don't have any Vancouver games circled?! Brule will! Have a heart ;)

Bitchany said...

I DO MIKE!! I just didn't put them up there they are #11 I promise I will go to one of their games!!

Tracy said...

Oh don't worry, we'll have a good one... like if I win (don't laugh too hard, it could happen) then you have to... um... I don't know. But we could come up with something amazing. It'll be our off season homework. Come up with something ridiculous and crazy for our wager. :)