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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Will Weber

So, in my morning run through the blogosphere...I always stop over at Kuklas to get the latest on all the news. Actually, I just have this strange feeling one day I will go on there and it will say "Fedorov's contract bought out" and I will cry. But, anyway, I was on there yesterday and I found this little gem about Will Weber. Will Weber was the 53rd pick of the 2007 NHL Draft. A kid from Gaylord, Michigan. You'd think this kid would be a Red Wings fan right?! Oh no...he's not. In a quote given to the Gaylord Herald Times he says:

“They told me they hate the Wings more than anybody, that’s good, because I don’t really care for them either."

How great is that?! He is perfect for the Jackets. Absolutely perfect. Will will be playing a year with the Chicago Steel of the United States Hockey League. And, then will head on to Miami University.


Steph said...

HAHAHA holy crap you guys really say we're like your most hated team? I will never understand why Ohio wants to make crazy rivalries with all the Michigan teams.

Bitchany said...

Yeah, we're awesome like that. We hate Michigan and Michiganians...but don't worry I live in Kentucky...so I don't hate...

Steph said...

I understand the college basketball rivalry...and now the Cleveland/Detroit NBA rivalry...but all season long the Blue Jackets were trying to set up this big rivalry with the Wings, and no disrespect to your boys (who I love, really!), but that seems like a pretty uneven matchup to create a rivalry around.

But I have no hate :) For Ohio or Kentucky!

Bitchany said...

Hey now...we're going to be good eventually!! You know you saw spats of greatness with our team...you know it...haha.

Steph said...

Hurry up and get good then, I'd much rather have a rivalry with you (especially if you do keep Fedorov) than stupid uninspiring Nashville hahaha!