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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Western Conference All-Star Squee Team!

While one could argue that the Oilers are the sexiest team in the league..I am pretty sure I could make a sexier one.

GOALIE - Jussi Markkanen yeah, I had to go with the Oilers backup. He is one of the sexiest goalies in the league. And, I am pretty sure my mom would kill me if I didn't choose him.

DEFENSEMEN - John-Michael Liles, from the Colorado Avalanche...seriously this guy is a beauty. Sure he may not be the best defenseman in the league, but he is decent offensively and he is great to look at on the ice. Rusty Klesla come on, I HAD to choose ond of my boys...can you blame me?! I mean seriously. I love seeing this guy and his eyes are GORGEOUS!! And, even though I witnessed his little diva moment in the locker room...I am ok with that. I still love him!

CENTER - Craig Conroy I have a thing for older guys I'm not going to lie and I am a total sucker for his adorable smile.

LEFT WING - Jeff Cowan come on girls throw their BRA'S at the guy...how can you not love the guy.

RIGHT WING - Patrick Sharp seriously, this guy is great. He is pleasing to the eye...and just because he is on the Blackhawks doesn't mean I can't think he is hot...right?!

**I just want to say that these past 2 posts were for FUN...I hope you enjoyed them**


KMS2 said...

Jussi looks way too groomed. I don't see it in Liles or Cowan. I had soft spot in my heart for Conroy when he was with the Kings so I totally agree with your pick.

Bitchany said...

Haha my mom loves Jussi though. Liles is hott in that 'My NHL Commercial.' Cowan is hott in that I'm a bad ass kind of way. And, honestly how can you not love Craigy boy?