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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The GM Search comes to a stop...

Scott Howson will be the new GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets expect a formal announcement Thursday or Friday. I'm at work and extremely busy but wanted to toss this up.
Article: http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=2903250
I will put my reaction up tonight when I get off of work. Until then...thanks Jibblescribbits for the heads up. :)

Alright, my reaction, as much as I don't want to admit and as nervous as I am about it I think it's the right thing for our franchise. But, the problem doesn't stop with the GM. It is much deeper it is our Scouts, and everything. I am very excited about this though...I have faith in Howson. Drew tells me I shouldn't be nervous or upset about the Ryan Smyth trade...but we'll see he better not trade Ricky!! Haha.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Columbus Blue Jackets have agreed to terms with Edmonton Oilers assistant general manager Scott Howson to make him their new general manager, The Columbus Dispatch reported on its Web site Wednesday.

The newspaper, citing an NHL source, said the team and Howson had reached a deal Wednesday, and said an announcement would be made Friday at Nationwide Arena, home of the Blue Jackets.

Blue Jackets spokesman Todd Sharrock would not comment on the report, and Oilers spokesman J.J. Hebert said he was unaware of any deal.

A message seeking comment was left at Howson's home in Edmonton, Alberta, on Wednesday evening.

Howson, 47, played for the New York Islanders in 1984-85, scoring five goals and three assists in 18 games as a forward, according to a biography posted on the Oilers' Web site.

He graduated from law school at York University in Toronto in 1990 and ran Edmonton's top farm club from 1994-2000. He was hired by the Oilers in 2000 and was promoted to assistant general manager in 2001.


Jeannie said...

The GM is hot!

Shmee said...

Dayum, I agree. Why cant our GM be hot?

Bethany said...

Jeannie~Get over it haha

Shmee~Don't agree with her it only eggs her on...haha

Jibblescribbits said...

lol silly girls


1) Finally, Columbus has a A REAL GM! Took long enough for ownership to see that MacLean was in over his head
2) The franchise can only go up from here!

Bethany said...

I know can you believe it?! I'm so happy I can't wait until 1...to see the press conference...well I won't see it probably...but, I will be able to read something.