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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogger Get Together

I copied and pasted this from Michael's Blog because I'm too lazy to write anything about it but here are the plans for the get together at the draft.

Where: The Bud Light Arena Pub inside of Nationwide Arena
In the end, the best possible location turned out to not be one of the places around Nationwide Arena, but a spot inside of the arena itself. Why? Well, there were a few factors. First, there was the fact that it was practically the best location for people who were going to be going directly to the arena via their directions or MapQuests or whatever, or who preferred to not spend any time trying to figure out how to get to one place or another around the Arena District, especially since it's going to be extremely busy throughout much of the day outside. Additionally, we didn't want to run in to any complications with younger bloggers (I agree with what Drew said as this was brought up ... saying 'younger bloggers' makes me feel like an old man), if we had decided to choose a spot like a bar. And while the BLAP is a bar to an extent, it's also open to people of all ages.

So worry not, kiddies! Uncle Mike had you in mind!

So the next question is ... "Where in Nationwide Arena is the Bud Light Arena Pub?"
Well, there are two ways to get to the Pub when entering Nationwide Arena ...

1) Not too many people I know tend to notice this method of getting into the Arena during game days, but at the rear of the Arena, there is another restaurant called Cotters; a fancier, more upper class sort of shindig that is attached to the arena, and is next to the ticket office and rear entrance. The doors which lead in to Cotters also lead to a set of stairs that you can take directly to the Bud Light Arena Pub. Will these doors be open? I couldn't really say, but I'd reckon they will be.

2) If you decide to enter the arena the old-fashioned way, via the rear or front entrances that most people file in to during events, just remember to turn left, and keep going left, until you see the entrance to the Bud Light Arena Pub. Rear entrance people will be going up an escalator first, at which point you'll be around Section 118. Just hang a left around the concession area. People coming from the front entrance will want to take a left after they've passed by The Blueline -- the team store -- and keep going that way until they see the BLAP.

As for where in the pub to find us? I am leaning towards the rear of the pub, where there are more tables, and would allow for more flexibility in moving around and where people can relax. The front of the pub where the bar is and there's a great view of the Dispatch Ice Haus from inside is nice and all, but it wouldn't be conducive to a group of people all gathering together, unfortunately.

When: 4:30 PM
Although this might seem like a pretty late time, remember that we'll be in the arena itself already, meaning no rush to get inside from outside. Additionally, seating for non-season ticket holders only begins around 6:15 pm, and the draft itself isn't going to start until 7 pm.

The doors in to the arena will not be opening until 4 pm, as well. Feasibly, we could kick things off right away at 4, but then we'd be in a mad dash to get to the BLAP right as the doors opened.

In the unfortunate event that, for some reason or another, the Bud Light Arena Pub is not open by 4:30 pm, a secondary gathering spot will be just outside of The R Bar, where the patio is, by 4:45 pm (this allows for some wiggle room for people to head from Point A to Point B when they find that the pub is closed, if it really is). How do you find the R Bar? Well, if you're standing at the front of Nationwide Arena and looking at the arena, simply look to your left, and you'll see a vertial sign that says "R Bar". Just cross the street and head in that direction; it'll be to the right of the parking building you'll also see, and behind the brick building with the "Darz" sign.


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Thanks for the heads up on that Jibblescribbits.

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aww, that sounds like fun. Wish I could be there.