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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Anaheim Ducks are Stanley Cup Champs!!

Congrats Scottie...you battled all season long. You lead the team all season long. You got done what you came to California to do. I am proud of you. You earned the Conn Smythe. You ripped the Cup out of Bettman's hand *and I love you even more for that* Thank you for all that you do, not only for the Ducks, but for the sport. You are one of the classiest guys in hockey.

Highlight of the night aside from seeing Scott rip the Cup out of Bettmans hand was seeing you...hand off the Cup to your brother. I love you for that.

Teemu seeing you cry with that Cup...was the most beautiful thing I have seen. Thank you for being you.

Like I said before...I love both of these teams. While I am so happy that the Ducks won a part of my heart hurts for the Sens. They have come so far and battled so hard but I do feel that the better team won.



Steph said...

I wanted to puke. Pronger made me want to puke.

And then Teemu...that made me feel so much better. If no one else, he deserved that Cup, he really did.

And Ilya. He looked so happy. I love him. The better team did win. I just wish Pronger didn't have to be involved.

Bethany said...

Pronger didn't make me want to puke as much as his wife did.

Teemu made up for everything. I loved it.

Ilya does look happy BUT does his name go on the Stanley Cup? I dunno....

Jeannie said...

This was my first time to watch a team win the Stanley Cup. It was very emotional and exciting. The Neidermeyer brothers are awesome! Seeing Teemu cry made me want to cry. I think that made me happier than anything....a goal finally reached! What an awesome feeling!

Tracy said...

Teemu was killing me!! The interview with him where he couldn't seem to keep it together, I was gone! The schmuck interviewer: "Is this it for you?" Give him a damn minute with the cup you jerk! Other than that, Pronger's wife and her jump in with "I love you so much." kind of gave me mixed emotions. First I thought that it was cute that she was all loving him and such but then I got that queasy feeling in my stomach... 'nuff said about that. :)