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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2002 Draft Picks

Round 1 ~ 1st Pick ~ Rick Nash
Round 2 ~ 41st Pick ~ Joakim Lindstrom
Round 3 ~ 65th Pick ~ Ole-Kristian Tollefsen
Round 3 ~ 96th Pick ~ Jeff Genovy
Round 4 ~ 98th Pick ~ Ivan Tkachenko
Round 4 ~ 119th Pick ~ Jekabs Redlihs
Round 5 ~ 133rd Pick ~ Lasse Pirjeta
Round 6 ~ 168th Pick ~ Tim Konsorada
Round 6 ~ 184th Pick ~ Jaroslav Balastik
Round 7 ~ 199th Pick ~ Greg Mauldin
Round 7 ~ 225th Pick ~ Steven Goertzen
Round 8 ~ 231st Pick ~ Jaroslav Kracik
Round 9 ~ 263rd Pick ~ Sergei Mozyakin
Everybody, even non Blue Jacket fans love Rick Nash. Why? Because, he is awesome. A bit injury prone, but he is getting to be the player everybody knew he could be. He was won the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy. He was the best fit for our club and has since become the face of the Blue Jackets.

Joakim Lindstrom has played in 12 games with the Blue Jackets. 9 in the 2006-2007 season. To be perfectly honest, I don't know why we drafted him. He really isn't that great and hasn't impressed me...like at all. He has a total of 1 goal in the NHL and 4 penalty minutes.

Ole-Kristian Tollefsen on the other hand, is great. He has really developed as a defenseman. He is gritty, a hard hitter, he has a ton of potential. I feel like he makes the right decisions on the ice and is a great guy to have around last season he was +2.

Jeff Genovy went to Clarkson University and played 4 years with them. Then during the 2006-2007 season he played for the CHL's Laredo Bucks. Ivan Tkachenko has spent his time since being drafted in Russia playing for the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv...he has done pretty well over there...and will probably stay over there. Jekabs Redlihs went to Boston University then started his professional career in 2005-2006...and in 2006-2007 he spent his time in between the AHL and ECHL but most of it was spent in the AHL. Lasse Pirjeta played 2 seasons with the Jackets and did ok, then he went on to play with the Pittsburgh Penguins and is currently playing over in Europe he seems to bounce from league to league so it's hard to say where he will play next year. Tim Konsorada has been bouncing around from the AHL to the ECHL. Jaroslav Balastik has bounced around from the AHL to the NHL to the SEL...in fact last season he played in all 3. After playing 6 games in the NHL Greg Mauldin has spent most of his time in the AHL until last season when he played in the UHL and then went on to play in Europe. Steven Goertzen has played 46 games in the NHL, and has 0 goals and 0 assists...and 54 penalty minutes...uhm...that's not so good. Jaroslav Kracik has spent his entire career over in the Czech League. Sergei Mozyakin has spent his entire career in Russia.

So that is the 2002 Draft. It was pretty much the best draft that I have covered so far. With guys like Ole and Rick it doesn't get much better than that does it?


Sarah said...

I was really disappointed that Greg Mauldin didn't pan out. Saw him play at a couple of the rookie camps, and he just looked great there. He had great speed, seemed to have good offensive abilities. I was really pulling for him to be a late-round find for the CBJ, but he just seemed to stall out and then drop off to the netherworlds of pro hockey.

Bethany said...

I wanna go to some of the rookie camps! Any idea where they are having training camp this year?

Steph said...

I saw Lindstrom with the Crunch last year and while I was paying more attention to Ty than anything else, and I didn't really notice him too much on the ice, we were sitting right next to the bench, and he was talking to everyone, giving them advice, telling them good job, etc., etc. He didn't do anything glaringly wrong out on the ice either, and he chatted with a friend and I for a couple minutes, so I'm actually cheering for him to find his stride and wind himself up with a regular spot on the team. Crazy how easily a good personality can net you a fan.

Sarah said...

If they do one, it's usually mid-summer.

I can't remember now if they did one last season? I don't remember going to any of it.

Bethany said...

Steph you and your obsession with Ty kills me!! And, yeah it's all about the personality I met him when I was with The Dispatch for the day and he seems pretty nice.

Sarah I thought they have to do a training camp. Maybe if they didn't do one last year that was our problem...they need to whip these boys into shape haha.

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, they did training camp. I just can't remember if they did the separate rookie camp where they bring the prospects out for a week in mid-summer. They've done those in the past.