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Saturday, June 16, 2007

2001 Draft Picks

Round 1 ~ Pascal Leclaire
Round 2 ~ Tim Jackman
Round 2 ~ Kiel McLeod
Round 3 ~ Aaron Johnson
Round 3 ~ Per Mars
Round 5 ~ Cole Jarrett
Round 6 ~ Justin Aikins
Round 6 ~ Artem Vostrikov
Round 7 ~ Raffaele Sannitz
Round 8 ~ Ryan Bowness
Ryan 8 ~ Andrew Murray
I guess I have to say something nice about Passy. But, I can't think of a lot. He has a ton of potential and when he is on his game...he is a great goalie. But, then again he is injured most of the time. I am really hoping that he is not back as our #1 next season. I'm sure he won't be. Norrena has more than proven himself. Anyway, back to Passy like I said, tons of potential is injured most of the time. I think he is meant for the minors.

Tim Jackman has played 32 games in the NHL with 3 different clubs (Columbus, Phoenix, and Los Angeles) Jackman too seems to be built for the AHL...but maybe he needs some more time to develop as a player.

Keil McLeod finished up his WHL career and then went to the AHL where he spent 3 seasons. in 2005-2006 he moved from the AHL down to the ECHL where he completed the 2006-2007 season.

Ahh then there is Aaron Johnson...he has played 116 NHL games. And, has tallied, 7 goals and 19 assists, with 93 penalty minutes. It's not that bad for a defenseman. He has bounced around from the AHL to the NHL. He is still a very young defenseman and everybody knows they take a while to develop so I think if we stick with him we will be a great asset to our organization.

Cole Jarrett has played 1 game in the NHL with the New York Islanders and spent last year in the German Hockey League (DEL). He played 3 seasons in the AHL before making it to the big times...and then he left.

Pers Mars is one of the guys that just randomly quit hockey. Justin Aikins finished college and then went on to play in the ECHL. Last season he played for the Phoenix Roadrunners. Artem Vostrikov never played in the minors or the NHL. I have no idea what he is doing now. Raffaele Sannitz split a season between the AHL and the ECHL...and has now moved on to the Swiss-A League. Ryan Bowness finished his time in the OHL and then went on to the CIS where he played 2 seasons...and then he must have quit. Andrew Murray went to Bemidji State University and has spent the past 2 season with the Syracuse Crunch.

This was much better than the 2000 Draft. Not as many guys just randomly quitting hockey. We did good with Passy (maybe) and with Aaron Johnson now if Leclaire would just stay healthy and Aaron Johnson will develop more.


Isleschick said...

I remember Ryan Bowness! I thought he'd follow in his father Rick's footsteps.

Teebz said...

I have to agree with Isleschick. I thought Ryan would have been a solid mid-level NHLer.

Great blog, Bethany. I've added a link on mine. :o)

Bethany said...

Maybe it's the curse of our scouts...blame them