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Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm cheering for...

So being that it's so far in the playoffs and my team didn't even made the playoffs I have decided to cheer for players. It's a lot easier to hope a player does well then to just pick one team. From the Eastern Conference finals it's going to B-lo and Ottawa. Now, there is one person on the Sabres that I care about, his name is Ty Conklin...and he's not even playing. But, that's alright I still love the guy. Then there is the Sens, I love Heatley. I love Spezza. I love Emery. I love all the Sens guys. They are all great they all make me happy. Then there is the Western Conference which is still up in the air. But, with the Ducks, I love Giggy and Bryz. I love the PPG (Perry, Penner, and Getzlaf) line. I love Teemu, the brothers Niedermayer, and pretty much most of the other guys on the team. Then there is the Sharks, I love Joe, Patrick, Cheech, Nabby, and Rivet. Then there is the Red Wings, this one is difficult. Being that I'm a Jackets fan I really SHOULDN'T like anyone from that team but I do. I love Chelios. And, Lidstrom. It's not so much that I like them it's just that I have a lot of respect for them. But, I can for sure do without Hasek winning a Cup. Anyway, I had a better blog to write tonight but I left all my stuff at work and am really really really tired from this weekend...so keep a look out for it tomorrow or Wednesday.

And, to honor my beloved Martin Brodeur here's a little video...

Oh I adore him.


Steph said...

Ty Conklin love! And Bryz too! You have good goalie taste (I'm pretending I didn't hear that little thing about Emery).

But....Ty Conklin!

Bethany said...

Haha I have to love Conklin he was on my beloved Jackets until B-lo got em. And you should love Emery he is great. But, yeah my goalie taste is the best if I do say so myself.

Steph said...

I...hated Conklin after the Edmonton fiasco last year, and then somehow it turned into grugding pity, and then somehow into that sort of Marc-Andre Bergeron type like-you-because-I-like-to-make-fun-of-you type thing...and then all of a sudden I had this stupid soft spot for him that won't go away. Sigh, I tried to be a good Oilers fan.

And I'm not allowed to like Emery, I'm a Leafs fan :)