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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Game 1 in the books!

Anaheim Ducks 3 Ottawa Senators 2
Anaheim leads series 1-0

Man, what a game!! It was well worth the wait. Yesterday I spent my day preparing myself...sorta...before the Reds game yesterday I watched my 2003 Stanley Cup DVD...then went to the baseball game where Ryan Freel was taken off in a stretcher. Not saying that him getting hurt got me pumped, but seeing the way the Reds played after that happened made me happy...they won that game for him.

Anyway, back to the hockey game. The Ducks checking line and two Norris trophy nominees were able to shut down Ottawa's top line...which is something no other team was able to do this year in the playoffs...the top line was limited to 5 shots on goal and oddly enough that line had 5 giveaways. I really and enjoy both of these teams and will be happy if either win...I don't want it to be a sweep...so I hope the Sens can get it together and get it going next game. Anyway, I better get ready for work!

Have a great day!

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