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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

CBJ News

Well my friend Michael Arace over at his blog just wrote a great one talking about The Jackets and their future. You can view the blog here. A few things he talks about I kind of want to give my opinion on.

Fedorov moving back to center. Well that's great. But let's face the facts. His numbers were better when he was a defensemen. I actually took the time and figured it out. Now, being the Fedorov that I am I don't care where he goes. But, as a Blue Jackets fan I honestly would rather see him on the blue line. So, with Fedorov moving back to center, that leaves us needing another top line center. In the UFA market this coming July 1st there is going to be a bunch of them...the one's I think we should get...Scottie Gomez. He is an amazing playmaker and I think would do wonders for our team. Some other good centers that could potentially be available are Chris Drury and Daniel Briere. I don't care for either of these players because I hate Buffalo so I don't care if we get them or not. But, if we do have to get one I would choose Drury...I think he is a better playmaker than Briere.

He also talks about the fact that the new GM may not be willing to spend money on getting the correct players because right now they're losing money, the fan base is dwindling, and well we need some direction. So, I don't know that the new GM will spend the money on another $6 million dollar center. But, we have other needs that we do need two Top 4 Defensemen. I don't know what they are going to do. But, we need help on the blue line and if we have to wait on the center that would be fine and I could deal with that if we could get a defensemen or two.

Anyway, that's all I really have. Hopefully, our new GM will do something great for our team. I'm not asking for a Stanley Cup, I'm just asking for a playoff spot, because damn it I want to wave a towel around my heat and say Let's Go Jackets!! So, hopefully that day will come soon.

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