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Monday, April 2, 2007

Red Wings vs Jackets

Alright, I have been to a ton of hockey games. But, never really experienced what I experienced yesterday. The crowd was a pretty big mixture of Red Wings and Blue Jackets fans...which made for an interesting game. I think the thing that sticks out the most to me with this is the Red Wings fan trying to boo Sergei Fedorov in OUR building. I mean seriously who does that? It's rude not only to the player but to us Blue Jackets fans in attendance. To counteract the booing we starting cheering for him. Everytime he touched the puck I was screaming for him to go! As everybody...well anybody who reads my blog knows I love Fedorov and think he is one of the best hockey players in the league. Notice I didn't say scorers but I said a hockey player. One who can see the ice...and make the plays. Anyway, the game was rough for us Jackets fans, because until about a minute left in the 3rd period we were getting shut out. I personally am not a fan of those...so I was getting discouraged but I kept on cheering my boys on...and finally Mr. Rick Nash...put one in the back of the net.

Now, I usually don't have a problem with Red Wings fans...because let's face it...I usually am one...except when they are playing the Jackets. With 2 minutes left some idiot threw an octopus onto OUR ice...in OUR arena. That made me really upset...this is the our house...this is where WE play. Do NOT bring your traditions or your damn octopus into it. I don't care what the score is...we wouldn't do it there and you shouldn't do it here. Anyway...I'm proud of my boys...in the first period they played great. I was especially impressed with Brule...he was one of the only one's I saw crashing the net most of the game. And, he was getting a little frisky with one of the Wings. At the very end of the game...Manny and the guy who was pushin on Brule were having some words back and fourth...I wanted so bad for Manny to drop the gloves but I knew that it would solve nothing.

Alright, now I have all the respect in the world for goalies...I will always appreciate a great goal tender and will always cheer for them when they have good games...even when they are against my team. BUT last night Hasek during the singing of OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM didn't take off his helmet. Why? I don't know...but it made me mad. Then, he had a really good game...and got named 2nd star...and didn't skate. When you are one of these elite goal tenders...you have fans no matter where you go...so you probably should skate when you are named a star. Martin Brodeur does...and for that I'm very thankful.

Anyway, I suppose that is all for now. I'm at work and suppose I better get back to it. I am hoping to finish my Leaf post sometime soon...which brings me to another thing. WEAR A LEAFS JERSEY AT A LEAFS GAME!!!! not a Detroit and Columbus game...and not a Columbus and Dallas game...I mean seriously. Sheesh.


Matt Porter said...

Well, I watched the third period of the game and must say I was a bit disappointed. Your boys got worked! What's up with that? Maybe I'm just bad luck.

Jeannie said...

Why you have to be so mad?

Short and Fat said...

Visiting Red Wings fans acting like turds?


Unfortunately, I saw a couple of doofus Preds fans do the same thing at St. Louis a couple of months ago.

Every team has 'em, the Wings just have more. ;)